In the midst of your chaos, are you keeping your focus!


It has been quite an interesting week. Kids are home, husband, everyone cooped up in the house, an unfortunate circumstance, and even Dorian, the hurricane, decided to pay us a visit.

Well Dorian you are certainly not welcome here! We command your unwelcomedness to go back to where you came from, the sea. And I am serious!

In all seriousness though, what a way to start September! Distractions are everywhere, confusion settles in, and chaos is not far behind. Everything is lining up to distract us in this season. But I’ve come to tell you! That this is OUR season, and in this season, focus is our drive, clarity is our companion, and peace is our delight!

Dorian, step aside, confusion step aside, chaos you are not welcome here, distractions scatter from my sight. Greater is HE!

There is POWER in your words. What we speak into our atmosphere, IS ALIVE and ACTIVE, and is ready to ACTIVATE. What we speak, has potential to pierce our atmosphere. Yes I am a huge advocate of POWER and WORDS. What we speak, manifests into our lives, what we tolerate, begins to rule our lives. What we compromise begins to take over, and spread further.

We cannot afford to be distracted in this next season, cannot afford to loose our focus, and chaos you are NOT welcomed here.


No matter what comes up against you child of God, keep your focus. Do not allow the enemy to take your focus! Your focus is very imp0rtant in this season. Set your mind on Christ, in all that conserns you. Greater is He that is within you, than he who threathens to destroy you.

The same power that raised Jesus from the dead, LIVES on the inside of you! Rise up out of your confusion, tell chaos to flee, and command distraction to scatter!

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