JESUS the healer, miracle worker, SWORD STUDY on Matthew 8


We have been reading the book of Matthew with the kids. Thought it has been quite a challenge, I have been encouraging them, to learn more about Jesus. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, give us a preview of Jesus, who he was, and what he did in the Earth.

Today we discussed Matthew Chapter 8, where Jesus heals a sick man, a man with harmful disease [leprosy] Mathew 8: 1-4 then tells him to go TESTIFY; soon after he heals a soildiers servant on his way to the city of Capernaum Matthew 8: 5-13, where he speaks a WORD, and the servant is healed.

JESUS didn’t waste any time, he healed, and delivered people, as he went on his journey. Peter’s mother in law, just by a touch of his hand Mathew 8:14-16, and the fever left her.

Multitude followed after him, even a teacher of the law requested to follow him, to which he responded. “I do not have a place to lay down, or rest my head.” Matthew 8:18-20.

JESUS did not even have a home to belong to, he was constantly on the move.

As a little girl I used to love Jesus stories, and the miracles he did everywhere he went, and still do. One of my favorite moments is when Jesus calmed the storm. Matthew 8:23-27.

He got up and rebuked the storm, and the waves obeyed him.

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Jesus is in the miracle making bussiness, seeking whom he may deliver, and set free. Jesus gives life, heals, delivers, calms the raging seas, and even casts out demons from tormented people. Matthew 8:28-32

I encourage you to read Matthew 8 because hearing or reading about Jesus and his miracles, activates that miraculous Faith in you, and gives you the authority to follow Jesus, and step into his footsteps.

As his followers we are learning, activating, and following into his footsteps. Same power that raised Jesus from the dead, lives on the inside of us.

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You can also follow my podcast where I go into depth on the Chapter, and follow alongside with me, on my Journey.


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