An epidemic that is wounding many!

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Paul is reminding the church, the body not be be discouraged when people, situations, and circumstances demand your approval. THE time will come where people that confided in you, will demand your approval, letter of recommendation, or who has send you!

To preach, to teach, to bring insight… sound familier?

They want to see physical letter, in writing, physical evidence, because the veil is blocking their eyesight, but the spirit of God, moves by the spirit, not physical writing or eyesight, except none will be given to them. Don’t worry the right people will step right in, and stand by you. Do not allow them to discourage you, but rather stay encouraged, God is on your side.

If God is for you? Who can stand against you?

Only God takes away the veil! Pray for them, and leave them be. These people are always seeking for signs, always seeking for approval, always seeking, but never perceiving.

Not only is he encouraging the body to fight this temptation, he is also warning us not to fall into this deception.

To be discouraged is to be filled with fear, doubt, to be downcast, or dismayed, loosing all hope and confidence in the Lord.

When discouragement comes it is very subtle and very cunning. You cannot see it, you cannot discern it, it is very manipulative and deceptive. It knows how to lure it’s victim, and it knows how to keep them there.

Discouragement comes to spirit filled women and men alike, it is a temptation, and it is to be fought. It is not to be tolerated or compromised, but rather reproved, opposed, and rebuked, in the name of Jesus!

How do we know we have been affected by this spirit? All of a sudden we feel lack of courage, lack of action, lack of determination. We simply want to throw in the towel , and just lay there, we simply just want to give up.

When discouragement comes, and yes he will come, [through your loved one, through your friend, through your situation, circumstance] rise up in FAITH and fight this temptation. Do not be filled with discouragement, but rather increase in faith, because lack of faith activates fear, and fear is not if God, but of the enemy.

This spirit tries to prevent us from excelling, rising, and even walking. We won’t allow this spirit to be active, we shut it down and take it captive!

I decree and declare that this spirit will not succeed in your life. Every weapon of deception, manipulation, and pretension is coming down. You will not be affected by it, or overcome by it. You will be successful in all your dealings, you will soar, and NOT grow weary, you will not be discouraged, or feel dismay, you are an overcomer! Greater is HE!

If you have been influenced by this spirit, repent turn to God and seek for his forgiveness. We cannot operate in faith, but fear too, confidence but lack of courage too. We must fight and not back down, stand strong and not bend.

We cannot be tossed to and from, we cannot be double minded. We must rise and shut it down quickly!

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Why soul, are you downcast? Why feelings and emotions. I FEEL, I THINK!? Why questions, why missunderstanding, why assumptions, accusations?

This is the time for deep consecration, fasting and prayer. Some do not leave except such. Draw close to God, do not be afraid, do not be dismayed, for the Lord God will be with you, everywhere you go.

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Fear us not your portion, doubt is not your cup! Fight the temptation, be strong and courageous, put your trust in God.


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