This is what the Lord is saying at this hour!

Read 1 Samuel Chapter 2 in all it’s entirity.

Purging, cleansing, cleaning, dusting, examining, removing, weeping/wailing

We cannot be like the world, we must come out from the world and pursue all that God has in store for us. 2 Corinthians 7:1 We cannot excuse our sin, dabble in our mistakes, tolerate and compromise evil things.

God is calling us to a lifestyle of purity, a lifestyle of holiness and reverance for God.

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When something becomes contiminate, it no longer has purity, a foreign object has entered into the bloostream, and is now polluting the body. When I was a child my father ha demonstrated this very principle. He took a clean glass cup and poured clean water into it, then asked me, do you see this cup? Affourse there was nothing different about it, it was a glass of clean water.

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When all of a sudden he dropped a drop of ink into that glass, and it polluted the whole cup.

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He then said, “Here drink it“!

Ofcourse I wasn’t going to drink it it was poisonous!

He then proceeded to tell me. You see when a friend from the world enters in your life, things become polluted, and poison [sin] enters into your bloodstream, no matter what you do, this glass of water is no longer clean, but polluted. This friend influences decisions you make, whispers the lies of the enemy, and speaks death into your life.

I don’t think I understood that concept early on, but a few years ago my father once again reminded me of that moment, and I really began to examine my life, and my friendships, my entertainment, and ask the Lord to work on me, and remove any dirt, or drops of poison in me.

As vessels of the living God we must not let pollution enter in our bloodstreams. We must guard, and protect what God put on the inside of us. We must guard our hearts, for everything we do, flow from it.

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The spirit of the living God is living on the inside of us. We cannot allow poison, where clean water flows. Not only friendships, but also polluted entertainment, conversations, and our behaviors.

We must walk righteously before the Lord. If we say we are children of God then we must be led by the spirit of God, not our flesh! No excuses! Some of us are making excuses but I hear the Lord saying, “enough is enough“!

We cannot operate in our calling if we are operating in sin. We cannot be both, partakers of the world, but participants at God’s table too. No way! GOD is watching us! We are to be purged, and cleansed, and walk righteously before God.

We must go through the process, so that we stand in right standing with the Lord. God will hold us accountable, if we are serving the Lord, but are also entertaining the world. We cannot do wicked things, but also serve God. If you feel at this moment you are not ready, allow someone else to step in, and allow God to cleanse you.

This is a SERIOUS matter, especially for those that are Intercessors, Warriors, and Watchmen on the wall.

I propose a week of consecration where it’s just you and God, there are things that God wants to cleanse you of, things he wants to remove from you, things he wants to show you, and replace. You must be willing, you must be obedient!

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and God bless!

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