Some vessels are used for common good, while others are used for special purposes.

The common items are those items that are fit for our everyday use, like pots and pans, that get lost in our kitchen cabinets; or cups and plates, that are used almost everyday, to complete the task assigned.


Then there are items that have a more special use in our kitchen, or in our dining cabinets. For example, that special bowl that we ONLY pull out for special occasions, or that china set, that gets pulled out at special gatherings, and get togethers.

The China that was given to us as our wedding gift, is very delicate, and very expensive, because truly you cannot put a price on it. And what about those pretty bowls that got passed down from your mom, from her mom, and beautiful cups with special writtings on them, or pictures? They mean so much to us, have a special feel to it, and are priceless in or eyes, aren’t they?

Yes we all have special items we use. God, the creator, also created us, for his use. Some people are used for comon good, and others are used for special purposes. Now before we go complaining and questioning God, why he does things the way he does, let us consider going back to the scripture. Romans 9:20

Who are we, to talk back to God, shall what is formed, say to its maker, why have you made me this way?”

Does not the CREATOR have the right to decide? Do we not have the right to pick what goes where, what is used in our kitchen, and is hiden in our dining cabinets?

Hang on!

Those that are used for special purposes will have to go through extreme fire, will have to be tested, refined and polished, because God only uses that which he refines, for special purposes to bring HIM glory, and to accoumplish, his special use.

Every item is important

Though common, yet important too, when it comes down to everyday cooking, or gathering.

And in Russian, with the help of YouVersion Bible App

Both are needed

Don’t be afraid when life happens, when things don’t go your way, or make sense. That is God forming his clay into a moldable vessel, that willingly proclaims

Here I am Lord, use me, test me, create in me a clean heart!

As we wait, and persevere, we will come out victorious. God cares, he knows, he sees, he just needs to work on our character a bit, and polish some issues in our life, to be used for his Glory.

Are you in the process? Stay strong you got this!! I believe in you!

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