In the beginning of each day I like to read the book of Proverbs. Today this scripture was highlighted in my spirit, so I am sharing!

” The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Proverbs 1:7 NKJV


When you desire wisdom, you might as well give up everything that stands in the way of you, and what God has in store for you. The way this world functions, and the way people live, makes us question everything around us, but fear not! We have wisdom as our companion, to lead us into all things. 

But before we invite wisdom into our home, to rule our lives, we must say goodbye to foolishness, and all that comes with it. We cannot have the benefits of both worlds. We cannot eat at the God’s table, but sneak in devil’s food too. We cannot mix both, we cannot invite both. Wisdom cannot be our companion when foolishness is our delight.

Wisdom cannot lead us, when foolishness has been given the go, to rule in our lives. Wisdom cannot be our pursuit when we dishonor God, and disrespect his commands, and run after what displeases him.

In order to gain wisdom, we must give up foolishness!

We must Repent

Give up what is bad for us, and embrace what is beneficial to us, and our walk with God.

 THE FEAR OF GOD is the START of wisdom. When we reverence God, and who he is in our lives, we will not disappoint him, or run to the other side of the fence. Simply put, we will respect and honor GOD by pleasing him to do what is right, true, and honest in his eyes. 

 I love my spouse and listen to him, because I respect him, and honor him for who he is in my life.

Wisdom STARTS with decision to pursue God and all that he has in store for us. Wisdom STARTS when we willingly surrender our earthly pursuits, and desires, and seek heavenly things above all other things. Wisdom STARTS when we give God respect, and honor him, in all if our dealings, and put down all that dishonors, and displeases him.

Until then, we will selfishly pursue that which is desirable to our eyes, fulfilling to our flesh, and feeding our ego; our own ways of thinking, our selfish needs and desires, the path that leads to destruction, and away from wisdom.

Without wisdom, we cannot proceed, without wisdom we cannot move forward! Get wisdom, get understanding through daily pursuit after God, AND then do everything in your power to keep it.


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