Dear and trusted friend..

Your friendship true and rare, like a comfortable blanket your soothing words lay my mind at ease.

Your gentle and humble, so caring, the advice you give from God’s heart you draw.

Those that are blessed to know you, richer are they; your word’s honest and true.

Like life giving waters you nourish the heart, troubled not long; God gave you wisdom beyond your years.

Thank you for your friendship, my life richer and how you can heal a heart, broken to pieces broken no more a truer friend cannot be found.

Your placed here by God, as close to an angel on earth surely your wings hidden, only Christ knows for sure.

Sister in Christ my honor to know, he blessed me with your friendship, for he truly sends angels like you;

this I know, I’m blessed.

Image Credit via WORDPRESS. All Rights Reserved

Written by Saydar Castro, in honor of his very few true friends in Christ and his friend/mentor Lena

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