What is this book?




Passed down from one generation to the next. People of all colors, nations, and tongues are searching treasures within this book. Mysteries are unveiled, lives are changed, hearts are transformed. A Book that is unlike any other. Hated, misunderstood, rejected, on all levels, yet when found causes to breathe and live again.


What is within this book?

The bible is full of stories, of ordinary men and women that lived ordinary lives, chased after God, stepped into their purpose, discovered their identities, stepped into destinies, made mistakes, REPENTED before GOD, sought his forgiveness, walked in their calling, completed their assignments.

Jewels, treasures and mysteries are found within this HOLY book. Stories, examples, commands, council and wisdom, is found within this book.

Lena Joseph

Ordinary Men and women like

YOU and I

Gideon Here was a man who thought himself weak and incapable of leading an army. To his eyes, he is a nobody good-For-Nothing ordinary day man. Yet God called him a mighty man of valor.

How about Abraham? By the testimony of heaven, he was a father to many nations but there he was crying for a seed – a child. Jeremiah the prophet, branded from the womb to save the nations. Deborah the judge, warrior of God, send to fight her enemies. Need I mention Esther the wise queen of the living, and brave Mordecai who dismantled the enemies plan, and overcame his slanderer.

How about Elijah, the chariot and horsemen of Israel, an army in one man. He was never alone. The army of angels go before him. But there he was, afraid, fleeing from Jezebel a wicked woman who was hungry for power. Saul the wicked KING, and David a man after God’s own heart.

Noah a man of Faith, stepping out to build a boat, that has never been build, or constructed. Eve, mother of all living. Mary mother of Jesus. John the Baptist, a man full of passion and pursuit, Zealous Paul, determined and full of fire, and Judah the betrayer.

Solomon the Great, full of wisdom, wealth, and power. Joseph who was hated, but then later became Pharaoh who saved his nation, and forgave his jealous brothers.

The Bible is a HISTORY BOOK

But is the most hated book of all time

But for those that seek wisdom, will find it, search for truth, will be free, and if persistently pursued, will be filled. This BOOK is FULL of spiritual insights, and knowledge, that can bring HOPE and rescue the broken, feed the hungry hearts, and heal the broken.

Many are too busy to read this book, and others make excuses, but the FACT stands that this BOOK will truly CHANGE your life.

I am a personal witness of how GOD takes an imperfect vessel, and turns it into a vessel of his GLORY! I am not the same as I was before, my thoughts are not the same, my walk is not the same, even my speech is not the same.

” I am a living TESTIMONY of how this book changes lives.”

Lena Joseph

You can read all the books in the world but this book exceeds them all! YOU can have all the knowledge in the world but never have enough of this BOOK or even come close to it.


Scholars cannot explain THIS BOOK, educators cannot reject THE BOOK Haters try to destroy THE BOOK, no matter what the BOOK is still STANDING

Do you read the bible but don’t quite understand it? Do you want to understand it, but are not BORN again? Too busy to read the word, fighting the enemy without the SWORD in your hand? Deceived by the world, tricked by the enemy, manipulated, and controlled.

I totally get you. At one point in my life, I too was busy, and did not understand scriptures, fought without a weapon in my hand, was wounded and hurt, confused and lost. I have been there!

I understand the struggle, and I am here to HELP!


Parables, Stories and Testimonies from my own life, insights, and wisdom shared by the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT, that make the BIBLE come alive!

Follow me along on my Journey

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