WALK with the WISE, to gain wisdom



Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.



Walking requires careful consideration of steps. Steps that are not hasty, quick, or unwise, but are well thought out steps with purpose.

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Before making steps, the wise carefully consider their steps to step on the ground, and a fool they will not follow. I have had a share of my mistakes, and have walked with the unwise. Tasting both, I will say choose wisdom, and desire all things godly. God is faithful to deliver you from your mistakes, and lead you into all things new.

Steps are CHOICES that we make as we go forward into our destiny.  The bible instructs us to walk with the wise, so that we too can become wise. The wise are discerning, the wise pray, the wise seek God for direction, the wise carefully consider their steps, they measure twice before they cut the distance, the wise have clear vision, and direction. The foolish however are led astray, are carnal, filled with emotions, directed through feelings, falling straight into the pit of the enemy, and are destroyed.

We must follow those who are wise, discerning, and are led by the spirit of GOD. Rather than desiring fleshly desires, and pursuits, the wise choose that which will benefit their walk with GOD, grow and develop them into all things new, lead them unto the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS for his name sake.

The foolish make terrible, and hasty steps, that lead us away from the things of God

My son, if sinful men entice you, do not give in to them.

Jesus is the greatest example of a leader. He leads with precision, he leads with wisdom, and council. We cannot stray, when we follow Christ. Though our steps will require careful examination, and consideration, they will be steps made with discernment and insight that flows directly from heaven.


Have you been ignited, inspired, empowered?

 My desire is that you too apply the WORD of GOD to your life, and walk away changed.

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