To train OUR children in the way they should walk, reminds me of the time my daughter kept getting close to the electric socket, and stereo wires, in her infant years. No matter how much I told her “no“, and to “stay away“, she would crawl to it, and repeat the same step over, and over again, as if it was some type of game she was playing.

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I had to retrain her steps, not to get near it. I would say, “danger” “no” and pick her up from the danger area, pulling her away, EVEN if it took me 10 times to do so.

To train is to repeat the same step over, and over again, until your child gets it.

To train is to assist and show the way by example, in words coupled with action. That is how our children learn, from example, not by force, but through repeated action.

Too much force, or no action can create much damage, and rebellion will form. With little discipline children can also rebel and stray. We must keep it at balance if we want our children to walk the path, we’ve paved out before them.

When you are older and your children are older, you cannot teach them the way you could when they were younger. Rather then regretting, and wishing you could, step into action now, and train your children to walk upright, while they are still in your home.

You see children walk away from God, because the best example of Christianity, and good behavior is modeled at home. Parents don’t live a life that they preach, so the children become indifferent in their actions, and rebel in their behavior. Then we wonder why Sally, and Johnny are acting the way that we do!

Reality check!

As parents we are accountable to God, and responsible for the way our children walk, and what they are taught. If we do everything in our power to be good examples, they will follow after, and be who we train them to be.

A good leader is not one that forces his way on others, but one who paves the way by example.

I pray we parents have our eyes open, and examine every step we take, because our little ones are following behind us. We want to present to them a good image of Christ, and not a polluted image that distorts and dishonors Christianity, and good behavior.

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