Came across a parable today, and decided to share a few insights, particularly, on the parable of a wedding feast.

Matthew 22:2-14

The father has prepared a feast in honor of his Son. The feast is ready, the food is prepared, and ready, only for the guests to arrive.

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Preparations are underway, the messengers are send out, invitations are send out, the PARTY is READY, COME!

The “important guests” deny his invitation, but make valuable excuses.

I cannot come, my wife just had a baby, we got to get our place ready

I cannot join you, I just started a new bussiness, got to plan things out, websites to build, products to create, bought a house, got married…

With so much food prepared, and so much effort put in, the host instructs the help to bring whomever to the table.

They do as they are told, but there is still place at the table. So the host instructs to bring whomever they come across.

Go out into the street, and invite whomever.

Tables are set, food is prepared, hot and ready, everyone is seated, seats are filled up

The host comes out

Looking at all the guests he is happy, and joyful, everyone filled the seats. All this food, all this preparation, nothing goes to waste.

He then notices a man in the crowd, not wearing the proper garment. He confronts him, but the bible says, “the man is speechless.”

I believe the man was speechless, because he knew better, than to show up unprepared. I believe the man came unprepared knowing it was wrong, and that is why he was silent.

The host is angry, so he tells the help to remove this man, who has come unprepared, from the table.

The moral of the story

Many are invited to the table, but only a few will dine with the King

Today many desire to enter into the Kingdom to eat with the King, but unless one wears a proper garment, he cannot enter in.

What is this garment?

A garment is an article of clothing. In this particular instance, a wedding garment.

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When the host invites everyone to the party, proper clothing article should be worn. Only those who obey, and follow instructions, will enter in.

The proper garment is celebratory garment, a garment of praise, a garment of worship, and honor, a garment that reflects right standing with God, a garment that praises and worships the HOST of this banquet.

Are you wearing the proper garment to enter in? Do you have the garment of praise, a garment of worship, honor, Righteousness, on? Or are you not conserned, or worried about what you are wearing?

I am not talking about a physical wear, I am talking about spiritual garment. Unspotted from the world, garment of praise, blotted out garment of worship, a garment that represents Righteousness, and Purity of God.

Without it, you cannot DINE with the King.

As my children often say “Point blank period boo”

I hope you have been inspired by this, article, share to spread awareness. The KING is coming!

By Firestarter

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