Do good, and be good to everyone



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So then, while we [as individual believers] have the opportunity, let us do good to all people [not only being helpful, but also doing that which promotes their spiritual well-being], and especially [be a blessing] to those of the household of faith (born-again believers).



I love the Amplified version of this scripture because the writer dissects the scripture, and simplifies the meaning even further. It comes from YOUVERSION Bible App, my to go to, in the morning.

This scripture comes from the letter, to the churches in Galatia, written by Paul, an apostle chosen by God, and not men. He starts with exhorting the believers in the faith, and encourages them to continue on in faith.

Let us not lose heart in doing what is good, for in proper season we will reap if we do not faint.

He says, whatever it is that you started doing, continue on! Whatever you sow you will reap, whatever you plant, you will gather, don’t give up, keep it up! Seeds grow, plants develop, keep it up, water the plant, water your seed.

Don’t stop!

He then instructs the believers residing in the church, to do good, and gives instructions on rule of conduct in the church, and beyond. How they should act, behave and live according to the instructions of the Lord. Paul does not speak of his own accord, but is led by the spirit of God. He is not just speaking to them, he is speaking to US the believers of modern age churches.

When the opportunity arises, as believers we must be helpful, and do good, especially to those within our own community and fellowship.

Do that which is good, acceptable, and perfect. We must strive to do good in all that we do. Whether it be in speech, action, or restoring another individual, who has fallen from the faith, we must do so gently, and with respect. Restore gently, not with contempt or condemnation, but with kindness, meekness, and love fulfilling the law of Christ, which is our reasonable service.

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