Marriage is not what everyone paints it to be, but a process of everyday commitment and dedication to each other. Unity, peace and joy is the result of hard work, not immediate result upon signing the certificate, or walking down the isle.

Two people coming together under one roof to make it work. Both having different taste, style, and ways to make it work.

Need I say more?

Wife likes her dishes this way, the husband his electronics this way. Wife doesn’t like socks in the floor, husband declares I’ll pick it up tommorow. Wife spends an hour in the restroom, husband wishes she hurry up, and get on with it.

Theres bound to be trouble in paradise

The KEY is to make it work!

It takes time to make marriage work, and everyday commitment to keep it alive, and active.

Whether its sunshine and Roses, or gloomy skies, and broken vases, each partner commits their 100 percent in, no matter what

Not 50/50 as the popular saying goes, but 100% from each partner.

To make it work both parties are to be commited to the task, and the goal is TEAMWORK

Marriage is sacrifice, of ones time, energy, and willing sacrifice of patience, kindness, and goodness, But from BOTH sides. Not one pulling the whole weight, but both taking turns, and making the work a bit lighter for one another.

Marriage is a ministry, sacrifice of one’s self to each other every single day

Just like everything else in life, marriage requires hard work and dedication. Without work, and dedication, is like a plant without water and constant observation. Stop watering your plant, see what happens.

Observe, water, repeat, observe, water, repeat.

It’s serving one another, helping one another, standing in the gap for one another, praying, encouraging, and uplifting one another, every single day, on repeat.

Through good days, and gloomy skies, keep watering the ground. Its bound to reap the harvest you’ve work so hard for.

It’s being patient, kind, loving even when times are rough and times you don’t like each other. Its overlooking the mistakes, and imperfections of one another, when it’s hardnot to. It’s kiss and make up, it’s love, and it’s hate.

Marriage is dedication, and faithfulness every single day. Not just on the holidays, or some nights, but each day, putting in long hours, sacrificial offerings, and endless love, day in, and day out.

Marriage is hard, but every bit of hard work is worth it. I wouldn’t spend it with anyone but you FRANK!

Our LOVE story 👉 I met Frank through a picture my sister had in her album, they were classmates. I asked about him, he secretly asked about me. One day we met, at a hallway at a local college, and our eyes locked on each other, ever since then… we are inseparable.

He spend nights guarding me while I worked at a local gas station, ushered me to every one of my classes, kept me company, while I studied my heart out, pressed my buttons, and tested my patience, and when I fell, I fell hard for this man, head over heals madly in love.

He gets me, I get him without many words. But we haven’t always been in this place. We worked hard, and now reaping the results. Every seed planted, is bound to bring us much harvest. Forgiveness, kindness, patience reaps results of love, peace, and joy in the family.

We pray together, we stand together, we love hard, and we are not afraid to correct each other. When one is wrong, we tell it how it is, but with a grain of salt, and apologize to each other, in our own special way.

Nobody got it All figured out, and we are still learning. But I’m glad that I got to figure it out with you, in the days ahead my love. ♡

By Firestarter

As I entered on this Journey of FAITH, I decided to take people along with me. So I created my corner. Join my table, and delight your soul, through Daily Table Delight, where you can find satisfaction to your soul.

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