PRAYER is simply communication with HIGHER POWER- GOD

Just like we have conversations with our loved ones, friends, and our colleagues, God desires to have communication with us, and get to know us on a higher level through DAILY line of conversation.

YES he already knows everything about you. The minute you wake up, what’s going on in your day, your daily routine, and even your evening curfew, He knows all, HE SEES all.

” You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.” Psalm 139:2

We know our children, we see our children. But at times we desire that closeness with our children, like reading a book together, or having those heartfelt talks at the dining table. This is what Father desires from us, a heartfelt talk that involves you and HIM.

Not just you, who do all the talking, but him too, who answers, and drops little nuggets in your spirit through his WORD, worship, or praise.

Why do we pray?

GOD the father, desires to have communion with his children, and not just a conversation, but a two sided conversation. Where we do the talking and he is listening, then he does the talking, and we are listening. To create a relationship with him, we must spend time with him, and get to know him.

Prayer is essential to us, and without prayer, we are simply dead bones. Just like water, bread, and breath is essential to our physical being, so is PRAYER to our spiritual being.

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PAUSE, put on some worship music, and open your ears to hear. He is speaking, but are we listening?

God is VERY personal, if you just open your eyes to see him, and your ears to hear him.

through nature around us, through our circumstances, through our children

Imagine if you were the only one pulling the weight of relationship, it would kind of become boring, or burdensome. You would stop trying, and just let the relationship go. Well with GOD we too can get distant, and our conversations can become boring, and burdensome. What we need is a heartfelt communication with our father, who listens to our request, and we respond in ACTION.

God is faithful, even if we’re not, yet he extends his hand of GRACE, and invites us into his presence. Don’t be having one sided conversations with GOD. Talk, request, ask, then LISTEN. He talks, he responds, and he desires to have communion with us.

The invitation is OPEN, and I INVITE YOU to join the conversation!

yours truly, Lena

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