In all situations, and circumstances, give God Thanks!

Holidays are right around the corner, Christmas is here in just a few days. Holiday cards to send out, presents to wrap, long lines to beat at the stores, traffic to endure, and people. Seems December just simply flew by, and here we are!

Its almost Christmas?

From errands, to studies, to writing, to putting things together, after Thanksgiving, and before Christmas, all the Holidays parties, and gatherings, seems there is simply no break.

But in all things, all circumstances, we are to give God glory. No matter what the season brings, or takes, or what frustrations and worries overtake, we are to be thankful, hopeful, and at rest.

If we just switch FOCUS from us, to the world around us

Someone out here wishes to be us, and would switch our place in a heartbeat.

A homeless lady would trade your simple home, and a warm meal. Lonely mother, for your house full of kids. Family that can’t buy presents this year, would love to have your gifts under the tree.

Someone isn’t able to pay their bills, or put food on the table, someone else is sleeping in cardboardbox, taking a bus across town. Someone else wishes to have simple toys, that you simply threw under your bed, or your warm blankets, that are stacked away in your closet.

So I’m thankful! Thankful for warm meals, crazy kids, loud home, reliable transportation, a roof over my head, and ability to walk, breethe, and hold things. Thankful for the gift of life, God’s mercy and sacrifice. Unending Grace, and endless love who took, the sins of the world, upon that cross. Yes my kids are loud, and my home is a bit crowded, dishes, and laundry, never seem to stop, but most importantly we are given another day, another chance to get things right.

In all situations and circumstances, give God thanks! Just START with the simple matters of life, then make your way to more complicated matters in life. You will see that you are quite fortunate, and blessed among many, and not less fortunate after all.

Yours truly, Lena

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