A wife of Noble character

A wife of noble character who can find?

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Solomon the richest man on earth had many wives. Amongst the many wives he had, a noble wife, was a rare find. This lets us know that finding a wife is easy, but a wife of noble character can be quite a challenge, for Solomon anyway.

Solomon had wives that cooked for him, bathed him, and took care of him, wives that cared for the children, and wives that were just for pleasure. Yet Solomon in all his splendor reveals to us this great mystery.

A wife of noble character who can find, her price is worth far above rubies.

Proverbs 31:10

I did an indepth research on this passage to find out exacly what a noble wife of character looks like, and how much is she worth really?

There are many wives outhere, but can you find one of noble character?

What is a noble character anyway?

When I think of a noble character, I immediately think of a soldier of high rank, a warrior on frontline, a warrior that is courageous, honorable, and highly respected. A soildier that is worth diamonds, and rubies. A soildier that is worth the price and find, a rare find.

This wife of character is a rare find, but also of high value, and worth.

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Solomon knew the price of rubies, and gems were his specialty. Yet a noble wife was worth far more than any price on the market, or even the price of highest bidder.

That’s a rare find

What are some characterists of a noble character?

One who is of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, and honor: a noble spirit.

  • This wife is courageous in the face of difficulty or danger.
  • This wife is generous in her giving of love, care, time, and energy.
  • She shows honor to her husband, and calls him king.
  • She is hightly respected, and honored amongst her peers, and community.
  • She is a wife who is kind- when it’s difficult to be kind, faithful- when all odds are against her, patient in most difficult circumstances, – gentle as a dove in her dealings, her speach, and her character.
  • Her children call her blessed!
  • She is a wife of faith, honor and respect, in pursuit of her destiny and calling.

Rare, Noble, a wife of GREAT character.

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