Written by Lindsey Jacobson

I’m no songwriter or poet, but the Holy Spirit brought me this today!!

Credit Image to Pixabay

So you’re sick and tired
Of feeling sick and tired.
Yea, I’ve heard that before….
When you put on pressure and guilt
Your growth cannot be built
Maybe if you RESTED when you’re sick and tired.

You do and you busy bee
You pray for change continually
It consumes, it drains, it exhausts
Only with thankfulness will you feel less lost
You feel bad when change doesn’t come,
But what you really want is instant gratification
You feel bad that your process is slow
It tears at your worth and won’t let you grow
Maybe if you rested when you’re sick and tired

Instead put on forgiveness and grace
Find peace when you can’t change your space or pace.
Take your focus off of flesh, off of you
Grab some fruit and share with those around you
Self-worship isn’t self-care
Let Him use your story, but keep the glory
Rest is active, it’s alive
We must recognize.
Honesty, vulnerability, humility….

We don’t deserve it
We cannot grasp it
But we are loved UNCONDITIONALLY
Maybe if we rested when we’re sick and tired.

STOP. Self-assess. Confess.
That’s the task that’s hard
Realize it’s not about you
Or the feelings that fade inside

Change or none.
Now or never.
We must recognize.
We cannot stop it
We cannot pick up our boots and strap it.

Make the choice
Make it today
No need to suck it up
To fill all the gaps
To feel bad about all that you lack.

He pours and He fills,
There’s no need to hide.
No doing, no going, no rushing required.

When Jesus is your worth, your why
Your greater purpose, your alibi
No situation, no struggle
Nothing too big

Oh, if only we’d rest when we’re sick and tired.

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