Proverbs 7

Proverbs 7 focuses on instructing young men to stay far away from prostitutes. Women who seek pleasure in exchange for money, women who seek affection and love in all the wrong places, for wrong reasons. Many who follow these types of women, will find themselves in a pit.

Who is this wayward woman?

Solomon describes her as this woman who stands on the street, seeking for vulnerable young man, to destroy. Once these ignorant young man enter into her presence they become infected with her poison, and are destoyed. Their careers are destroyed, lives are ruined, and happiness and peace are taken.

Solomon is speaking to the young lads of his generation, as well as young man of this generation, to not be tied down with women who seek pleasure, and fun in exchange for company. These woman know how to talk a good game, and are smooth in their dealings. Solomon warns these young lads to stay far away from these perverse women, and not to be entangled in their affairs, because it will cost them their lives.

Today we see women as well as young men searching for love in all the wrong places, and end up destroying themselves. Don’t let it be you! Treasure your gift, and stay far away from wayward women!

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Yours truly, Lena

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