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Can you believe it is Monday already? Time sure does fly, and even more so during this difficult time, where we are scrambling for more time, energy, and peace, and doing everything we possibly can to stay upfloat.

But we do what we do, cause we the Boss! We make do with what we have available to us. We stretch, we cut down, we spend less, we improvise, we wake up early, we pray, we worship, we cook, we save. Whatever we have to do, we do that!

We wont allow fear, intimidation, distraction and confusion to faze us, we are overcomers in the midst of it. We encourage, uplift, and stay strengthened instead. Even through the struggle, even through the discomfort, we rise VICTORIOUS!

I am reminded of Proverbs 31 woman who distributed her time and energy on things that were beneficial to her, family, and God. She didn’t waste her resources, she improvised, she wasn’t idle with her energy, but rather she was quite productive in her ways.

Seamstress, Entrepreneur, Trophy wife, Exceptional mother, Councilwoman, amazing friend, Bussiness woman, productive worker, housewife, and so much more.

She stayed up at night creating, and designing. She made sure she finished what she started, her fingers constantly held the sewing toolsets, while she partnered and did the work. Her light did not go out until she did what she was supposed to do. She always had a plan, and was ahead of her game. I am truly inspired by this woman, and encouraged to do, and be better in my walk.

We have a choice!

In the midst of this chaos, confusion and uncertainty we can find ourselves frustrated and angry, or take that opportunity to rise above that mess. We can find ourselves complaining, or we can find ourselves staying content, and glad. Looking at the bright side of things, we can curl up on our couch, and make do with things, we have at our expense.

Here’s what I do

I always find that peace, and rest in my husbands arms, understanding through prayer, and invest quality time, with my children. There’s just something each one of them that brings about security, comfort, and safety to my world. This is why it is so important to not neglect those areas that are helpful to you. Whatever that area is to you. To me spending that quality time with God, my spouse, and my children, is of much importance, and I will make that time, and even stretch my limits to be completed.

Image credit to @Pixabay Pulling out my study, and listening intensively to what the WORD of God says.

With my babygal

Sitting down, and just talking about things that matter.
Creating, and designing with my girls.
Coloring, and spending quality time

We need that quality time in the midst of all this confusion, that settles our spirit, and makes bad days, turn into something beautiful.

So today, reserve that time, and get creative. Don’t rush, take time, stretch a little, everything is going to be OK, take time, this too shall pass, and things will get back to normal again

Much love Lena 💜

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