Loud and Clear

May the peace and grace of God be with you, rest upon you and come upon your family in Jesus Christ Name amen.

Date: 21-04-2020
Message: Believe in God and also believe in Christ Jesus.
Bible Scriptures: John 14:1-14

🎤🎤🎤Believe, it will be better for you, believe in the Lord Jesus, it will be better for you, believe ooo

Jesus Christ Himself said, let not your hearts be troubled, ye believe in God, believe also in me

John 14:1

Reading through our Bible verses for today, we reaffirm that Jesus Christ is the Only Way, the Absolute Truth and the Everlasting Life. Through which we can get to the Father. He is asking us to believe in Him because He represents the Father our God and Creator Who sent Him to us

John 8:18-19

It has not changed and it will never change for any reasons. No even these epileptic occurrences in our world of today can change this fact that, Jesus Christ is the surest way that leads to God, to freedom, to salvation and to the best of life. Aren’t you tired of living life your own way?

Ephesians 4: 21- 32

Don’t you know that, if you’re not submissive to God and make Him your Head, as a husband you will fail?

Ephesians 5:22-33

As a minister of God, unholiness will be your daily thoughts?
As a married woman, negative influences of all sorts will be your best neighbor?
As a young girl, compromising will be your best doll?
As a young man, gangster lifestyle will be your mirror?
As a child, stealing, lies telling, cheating, keeping late, failing in your life’s pursuits etc will be your toy games?
All these and even more happen when we joke with our God.

When we fail to understand that, Grace has come to save us from Sister DISGRACE, whose siblings are countless.

Beloved, watch out. Jesus is coming back to take away His people, where will you be?

2 Peter 3:1-18

He said, He has gone to prepare a place for us…that is a Promise. A promise which must be fulfilled.

Let me give us an example. Often times, when we lost someone, we’ll hear people crying and saying, go and prepare a place for us, or you’ve gone to prepare a place for us. If we can be saying and believing that, our beloved dead ones have gone ahead of us to prepare a place for us, how much more of Jesus Christ who said it, in His words as we read this morning. Christ even added that, in His Father’s kingdom there are many mansions for us all

John 14: 2

My sisters/brothers, don’t take your life for granted ohhh.
Some of us are super blessed if not, we would have been ranting in hell, but God spared us.

Some of us didn’t get the true message of the Cross as blunt and undiluted as you’re getting them today. You better don’t be on the, “if had I known, I would have listened and given my life to Christ and live by His principles side. This is a very dangerous side to belong.

Man of God versus Woman of God, Reverend Fathers, Religious Sisters, Bishops and Apostles, and all Lay Faithfuls, examine your life in respect to God’s calling upon you and your vocation

Ephesians 4: 1-7

If there be any unwanted character, crucified it now before it gets too late for you.

We are children with authority, our power and authority comes from the One Who is Sovereign on earth and in Heaven. Let us make use of this authority before it’s being taking away from us. Jesus said, ask anything in my Name and I’ll request the Father to grant it for you.

What are you not asking from God? How do you ask? Why are you asking?
Hmmmm do you ask and you don’t received? Check the motives behind your asking. I believed in divine Providence for every good thing in life, for I strongly believed that I’m directly connected to the Source of Divine Provision. So I don’t need to worry or be weary when needs arises because I do trust in my Father that, at that very point of need, He’ll show up. The how He’ll show up is not my business to bother about, for if He keeps taking care of sparrows, then how much more of us and our families, whom He took off time to create to represent Him here on earth.

Believe in God and also in Jesus Christ. Some of us are more concerned about the physical, forgetting the spiritual and the lifestyle. God is a complete God, believe in Him with your all. Understanding that to serve God is a choice and an individual decision.

Let’s Pray
We pray for you today, that henceforth, you’ll receive the grace to believe in God and also in Jesus Christ with all your might in Jesus Name amen.
It’s been God’s Voice via His Clay your daughter, friend and sister

SGG Helen Yogo Much ❤❤❤

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