Having trouble hearing from God? What are some ways God responds to his children, and how can we discern his voice in the midst of all voices around us

GODS Kingdom Prayer Warriors group has some insights for us.

Allow these powerful points to ignite your heart, as you are searching for God’s voice in the midst of your daily schedule.

Prayer Meeting 9 pm, 05/24/20
God’s Kingdom Warriors Group
Scripture Reading: Job 33:14-16

What are some ways we can hear from God?

God speaks to believers through many ways. Some believers do not hear Him. Others hear His voice but do not obey them. Many others hear His voice and do what He says.

He speaks to us in

  1. Dreams: God speaks to us through dreams and the dreams come to pass. In fact, the dream I had few days ago had already come to pass.
  2. In our thoughts, heart, and little children. God can tell you to avoid 66E HighWay or don’t go the other way. Yes, it happened to me one day. I learned from the news later that there was a terrible accident that closed down 66 for 5 hours.
    The question is when God speaks to us, do we listen? Do we obey? Do we say yes? Lord we hear you even when it sounds crazy? It’s easy to talk the talk but what about walking the walk?
  3. In songs of Praise we hear in our churches, the praises we send to heaven. Wow! The words take you straight to heaven.
  4. Through Meditations. We hear the gentle whisper of His voice giving us advice, directions and purpose.
  5. His Unadulterated Holy Word. Wosabaraka! I am speaking in tongues already! The word of God is a light on my path. God’s Will is in His word.
    Do you wanna know God? Read your bible. Do you wanna hear Him speak? Read His Holy Word…He is a strong tower that I run into and I am safe. Let’s move on to the next…
  6. People. Yes, strangers. I remember being mad one day. I was frustrated and sad. Yet at a train station, a person dressed like a lunatic spoke to me, telling me God is on my side and that everything will be ok.
    God can use your child to speak life over your situation. God even opened the mouth of an old, donkey to talk to Balaam not to curse Israel.
  7. Ministers, pastors, priests, evangelists…God can speak through them to bless you. Please listen to your pastors. They are in that position for a reason.
  8. Facebook: I remember feeling lonely and depressed one day. As I logged in, the first message I saw was about depression, sadness and loneliness. It lifted me up from it. I felt the Holy Spirit stirring something fresh inside me and my countenance changed that day.
  9. In visions. God can send a supernatural vision to warn, foretell future, and speak a message. A picture is worth a thousand words! A message within an image to communicate a clear message from heaven.
  10. Angel messenger sent to deliver a message from God. So many stories discussed about their encounters in this group. I am sure you may have had an angel visit.
  11. Through Feelings. Some people have special gift of feeling things. They can feel death, pain around, sickness, leg injuries, hurt. Others can feel when someone is depressed, or sad, or sick and they something feel the pain in their own bodies.
  12. Some people Smell things. They are good smellers. When they are being led, they smell decaying things, demons, witches, sickness. They know something does not sit right at the moment. It’s a gift and it can happen only when they are in the anointing.
  13. The direct voice of God. You can hear the audible voice of God just like that. Search the scriptures. It’s full of ordinary men and women of God that heard God’s voice directly. From Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Methuselah (walked with God and God took Him), Jacob, Isaiah, Jeremiah…to mention but a few.
  14. Through pictures and trances. If God wants to send you a message he will.
  15. Prophecies: A prophet sees in the Spirit, and hears the Father and speaks what they heard. A prophet is an instrument used by God to deliver a message to us.
  16. Tongues and tongue interpretations. When we speak in an unknown language we are communicating with Daddy God. He responds, an interpreter tells the meaning of the tongue.

I must stop here. You heard the message. What will you do about it? Do you hear from God? What is He telling you to do? Will you obey God?

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Message by God’s Kingdom Warriors

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