Activated to “Go”

This image comes from revelation in a dream I received in 2015 a call to Cyber ministry, to ignite hearts. One day, one heart at a time until the day of his coming.

I take my mission seriously 🔥🔥

In this dream I was a speck of light, raised high above the earth, in space, directed to different parts of the earth to deliver a package. When I completed my assignment, I was then taken to another part of the globe instantaniously in seconds. I visited China, Africa, Europe, USA and so many more places, and countries.

I then heard a gentle but an authoritative voice “Hurry up, the day is approaching fast ”

I then began to see different lives transformed, and become like myself, a speck of light that traveled to different parts of the globe. I then saw many of these lights lift up into clouds, to meet the Lord in the air. Just as I was about to enter in, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace, joy, all packed into one. That feeling cannot be described here on earth, it was a satisfaction unlike any other…

And just then as I was about to experience the time of my life, I was awaken, and the dream cut short.

I woke with a sense of feeling to “GO” and every life I touched, immediately got ignited. He later showed me that it was the desire, passion, and pursuit, that ignited from within, and nothing could stop that fire. A Firestarter was born that day, an igniter of Destiny, and to this day continues to ignite fires everywhere she goes!

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God rode upon a cherub, He flew upon the wings of the wind... His canopy around Him was dark waters & thick clouds of...” Ps. 18:10-11

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