We mourn with the hurt, we cry with the wounded

Think about this for a moment

When we arrive at the hospital, and we are faced with our Doctor, he responds with

How can I help you today?

You’ll say, what does that have to do with anything? Bear with me, I’m getting there.

And at that moment, you’ll respond, I have an appointment, to see the doctor, or I need this hurt area, taken care of.

The doctor then will take a look at the area, that is in need of your attention, and try to answer your questions.


Image Credit to PIXABAY

That is my point

When we go to the doctor and we have an area that needs attention, that is what we will bring up in our conversation, not the fact that the rest of our body is healthy, and well, but the area that is NOT

George Floyd, riots, injustice, police brutality, Black lives matter, all lives matter, these are the words that we hear no matter who we are, or where we stand in the world today. This is OUR present situation. Turning on the news, or even scrolling through our timeline, on social media we see a redial of varies thoughts, words, and statements on the matter. This needs our attention, today and fast.

Another life is taken, unjustly, brutal, and dispicable to say the least, and the nation is in complete uproar. Riots, fires, marches, all across America, seeking for justice, seeking for a solution, seeking for peace. Many are grieving, and others are not understanding, or missunderstanding, and a few others, are simply infifferent about the issue. So much misconception is happening, so much is left unsaid, so many voices, in the midst of all.

What are we to do?

Teach us Lord to recognize your voice, in the midst of thousands, this we pray!

As a mother [white, European] I just sat down with my girls, who are mixed, to speak on the subject of racism, and police brutality, and clear any missconseptions they had on the subject. Because that is what we are facing at the moment. A situation that is painted right across our television screens and engraved deep in our hearts. A situation that has caused hearts to Pause, and reflect on the past. A situation that stopped the whole world. A situation that needs immediate attention, and fast!

Like that trip to the doctor, or an area, that needs immediate attention, the situation with mr, Floyd, the hurt, and the broken, needs our attention FIRST

We as parents have been given the responsibility to speak to our children, and educate them on the subject of racism, history, police brutality, corruption, the system, as well as protocols safety, laws, and other simmilar issues. It is our job as parents to teach, and clarify important matters, to our children, before they hear it from somewhere else, and are taught to feel otherwise.

As I have mensioned earlier the areas that need immediate attention, are the areas that we need to look at first.

I was pondering upon this situation, and as a Christian woman of faith have a responsibility to do my part. I have thought about speaking on the subject, but that would cause me to speak from an area I have no experiemce in, and I would just speak from my perspective, my beliefs, and my feelinds, then I can also be silent, and let others around me speak on this important subject, while I ponder, and think further, without voicing my opinion, or even raising my hand.

So I decided to take action, in my home FIRST. To take a minute and examine my heart, to take a minute, and examine my thoughts, my feelings and emotions, and then pray about what I feel. Ask the Lord to once again to re-examine my heart, thoughts, and emotions, because I am human, and prone to making mistakes, and allow God the DOCTOR to perform a surgery in my heart, mind, and feelings.

As David the Psalmist – a man after God’s own heart, a man that is flawed, but a vessel of God, often prayed.

“EXAMINE my HEART LORD, SEARCH my THOUGHTS, and if THERE’S ANYTHING WICKED or OFFENSIVE in ME, test me and know my thoughts, lead me in a WAY OF EVERLASTING” [paraphrased, Bible Psalm 139:23-24]

So I did

Our black brothers and sisters are hurting, and we are to mourn with the hurt! When one member of the body is hurting, the rest of us are bound to hurt! Instead of debating who is more important, or who needs more attention, let us take care of the hurt areas, FIRST.

Credit image to Pixabay

Let us encourage our brothers and sisters, to stay strong, in the midst of this battle, pray with our brothers and sisters, listen, and dialogue on the issue, find the issue, and present it to the Lord.

The healer, the doctor, the answer

So I say to my mixed girls, my dark skinned brothers and sisters We stand with you, and pray God heals the area that is hurt, so we can all function properly again! And then I want to say, members that need immediate attention, are the areas that the DOCTOR [God] pays close attention to. He is tending to your needs! He is tending to our needs. We are one body in Christ Jesus. 1 Cor 12:12 You hurt, I hurt, You’re wounded, I’m wounded. You cry, I cry!

That’s my say on the matter. I pray it was a blessing to you.

When we take care of the hurt area, we can move forward in Unity, Victorious! #Godblessthehurt #healthewoundsofthebroken #Togetherwestand 🔥🛐

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