My dear black friends, because the world wants me to single you out, so I do. Normally you would just be my friend, I would not look at your skin color, or the fact that you are black or white, it don’t even matter to me. As a child I was taught through a song to love every shade and every color, and that was instilled in me early on. Though where I am from we didn’t come across many dark skin people at all.

When I look at you I don’t see color. I see character, I see personality, I see your soul, your deepness, your realness. I see a son, a mom, a daughter, a husband, and a friend.

Please don’t put me in the same category as the rest of racist as you call them folks. Some are taught to see through the eyes of hate, I apologize for them, I too was once in that place. You see at one point in my life black boys threw rocks at our driveway, because we were white, and I had just came to the USA.

And then black girls were mean to me simply because I didnt speak the English language, as well as black boys throwing eggs at our window in our community because we didn’t celebrate Halloween. I could have reacted, but I didn’t, because I was taught to look past skin, and forgive the ignorant. Jesus taught me to even forgive those who weren’t sorry at all. I undestood that ALL people are prone to making mistakes, ans are flawed human beings. Black, white, red, or yellow we are all capable of being evil, and sin is at the core of our issues. Sin-transgression of God’s Law’s and commands.

Change is the Key to this issue, a renewal of mind, a turn around in behavior, forgiveness in hearts, love, and action towards each other. Love covers all wrongs, and forgiveness, makes every wrong, right.

Then in college I met some of the most wonderful dark skinned Ethiopians who were, and are, like family to me, and that eased my pain, and misunderstanding of earlier years. I understood, no matter who you are, you are bound to hurt others, and are prone to making mistakes, so I forgave!

Then I met a Haitian man who was different than anyone I have ever met. He walked me to my classes, stood by me at my overnight job, kept me company, was there for me, and continues to support me. He is my husband, of 12 years, and we have two mixed girls together whom we are raising to see past color, class, or skin.

I TREASURE you for who you are, not the shade or color of your skin. I am blessed not because of what you bring to the table, but for who you are inside. Not everyone of us are the same. Experiences shape our beliefs, and people we’re around, shape our character. I love you! You matter, you’re worth it ! 💓 and God thinks you’re to die for! Let’s stop this dividing, and get to uniting! Is there problem? Yes, can we change? Yes! How? Together we can move mountains!!

Yours truly, Lena

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