One of the assigned chapters from the project I have been working on is Psalm 3, that has played such an important influence on my life. When I find myself in a place where I cannot get myself out of it, I run to this place, and find myself growing in confidence and assurance of God.

Not surprising!

David the Psalmist ran to God, and expressed his feelings to God. He didn’t run to fear, insecurity or doubt, some of the places we tend to run to, when we are surrounded at every side, by uncertainty, fear, and the unknown, he ran to God, for confidence, assurance, and deliverance.

And God met him there!

I pray it is a blessing to you via Firestarter Ignite, a podcast for all spiritual needs, and a delight to the soul. Do tune in for other chapters as you pass by. God bless and take care.

For those on the go, take a listen

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