This is a season where we wait on the Lord, we don’t move without God, we don’t go into battle without God. We wait on God to pursue next plan of action, and until we hear from him, we don’t move.

This requires us to spend that time in secret place with God, where we sharpen our senses to hear, see, and respond to the command, and leading of God.

Jonathan in the book of Samuel 1: 14 did not wait, he went ahead, to fight the enemies, and it almost cost him his life. Yes he had an armorbearer with him, and a devised plan of action, BUT he did not seek God in his plan of action, he RELIED upon his wisdom and strenght, he relied on his understanding and it failed him. He was so confident that he didn’t quite SEE where the enemy was waiting on him.

But thank God for his Grace, He intervened when Jonathan responded by faith of “maybe winning” this fight.

Jonathan and his armorbearer did a sneak attack on the Philistine camp that day, and send them into full dissaray trembling in fear, and God helped them.

While Saul was talking to the priest, the confusion in the camp grew worse and worse

1 Samuel 14:19

The Lord saved Israel that day

We must be so careful in our season of waiting, to not rush our decitions and make foolish choices, because it can possibly cost us our life.


Jonathan seemed like a man who made quick decitions, and rushed ahead, but thank God ALMIGHTY was ahead of him, to fight his battles, and stand on his behalf.

This is a warning to those that move ahead of God and do not wait on him. This is a warning to those who lean on their own understanding than submit to direction and leading of God. We cannot under any circumstance do things our own way, because we will fail, even if we have people backing us up!

Do we have God’s permission to GO? THAT’S the question!

1 Samuel 14

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