I never though we would reach a day, and age, where kids would be learning via virtual classes, or even feel endangered to their classmates, at school but here we are.

The new season of transitioning into something new, and the territory of unknown, is HERE, and we need to face it head on, no matter how it feels, or seems going forward. We are not to look back, and allow fear to hold us back, we are to courageously take steps forward, and achieve the impossible.

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Fear not! As a woman of faith I believe that we can make through anything, and can take on any challenge! God has not given us a spirit of fear, but has given us power to overcome our difficulties, and trust him in our seasons of unknown.

As parents we have a choice in the matter of choosing an option that best fits our families, and we need to make that CHOICE. Some families can choose to go back to brick and mortar learning, while others may not feel so comfortable in getting back to physical classes just yet. We need to be considerate of BOTH. Either way we need to get back to learning, and move forward in this season of uncertainty and unknown, and not judge one another for making these choices.

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One, in that summer is OVER and new season begins. I would love to keep them at home, say no to virtual learning, and stay away from danger, lock myself up somewhere, and not come out, but that is not IDEAL, we all have lives to return to, and kids need that stimulation for their growth and development, as well as friendships to help them develop further.

And two, with technological advancement as well as CDC guidance we can safely transition into desired space, and place, ONE STEP AT A TIME.

I don’t believe that either choice should be looked down upon, or judged, because we all have a choice in the matter, and are responsible for the well being of our children. So props to both parents for making the best choice possible for your family.

So it’s Day 2 of Virtual learning, here in my HOME, and I have two completely different students in my home. One is a middle schooler, who is mostly on her own, and the other elementary, who basicly needs support, all the way through, gets tired easily, and frustrated at a simple task. Both girls have settled in quite nicely, and are on their way to successful learning, and academic achievement.

Idon’t know what holds tomorrow, but I know who holds my tommorow! Therefore I choose to take steps, to move forward, by FAITH into my future.

You can also move forward, knowing God has us, in the palm of his hands.

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