I had a lot going on today. Since this morning, we had errands to run, stop by the school, testing, pick up a few items, handle business, just all over the place.

Well, in my experience, on a day like this, the Lord likes to test our hearts, and glance into our spirits . How do we respond to pressure, and what is our character like when no one is watching.

Would we still do the things we do, when it’s sunshine and roses, and when it rains, and even pours.

I had three places to stop by, and in all those places we came across three homeless people. First one, at the dollar store at the entrance, another right by the entrance of Aldi, and another on the side of the road.

Before I even got to the entrance of Dollar Store, the Lord already placed a thought in my spirit, and my daughter confirmed it, to bless, with whatever I had, in my wallet at the moment.

I had two dollars, my daughter’s face lit up, she loves to bless the homeless, and will not pass them by.

Mama can I, can I give some change to the man. He needs it more than we do. Mama please!

-My daughter, the 11 year old.

Confirmation! I already had my sights on helping that man, WITHOUT him even asking me.

Go right ahead! Would you also speak a word of encouragement to him?


“Yes mama, you already know!”

The young man took the little amount we had at the moment, and thank us for what we gave him.

Now we normally would judge this man, and speak ill of him, that is our natural human tendency, well this time it was different, because the Lord already corrected me on that, in the past!

It could be YOU! THAT man, woman that is struggling with alcohol addiction, or drug addiction, could have been YOU! That young man with no sense could have been your father, and that young woman that prostitutes her body, could have been your daughter!

-Holy Spirit

God had mercy on you and I, but unfortunately they had bad luck and outcome in their life. We have no right to judge them, or look down upon them. They too are struggling to beg, and are full of shame when they ask.

As I am leaving Aldi, and was about to return my cart, to get my 25 cents, the Lord placed a young man on a bicycle in my spirit, to give him my 25 cents and a few minutes later, he asked me for 75 cents.

Image Credit to Pixabay

Scrambling in my purse I found another 50 cents, and some change, and gave it to him.

Just then I saw, in a distance another older lady holding a sign


I already knew I had to talk to her. I found another dollar, and some change, rolled my window down, and began to speak life into her.

Here’s what I have, and if theres anything I can do for you? Maybe I can pray for you?


“Yes”, she said softly sobbing, “to get my boys back!”

Immediately I felt the holy spirit tugging me at my heart. “PRAY FOR HER, DECREE LIFE, Speak breakthrough”

What is your name mam?




Sarah was a barren woman, but in her oold age, she received her abundance. You may have been barren, and fruitless, but God is about to overflow with abundance in your life”


And what are your boys names?


I heard “Elijah“, and a few other names, I cannot remember.

I said ” Let me pray for you right here mam“!

I put my car in park mode, reached out to her and began to DECREE as the spirit of God was moving upon me.

In the midst of my busy day, I needed to accoumplish my assigment. When God calls, we respond in obedience!

Then I spoke encouraging words, as well as words of wisdom, and knowledge. All she could do was WEEP ! The Holy Spirit touched her! He ignited her heart on the spot!

I invited her to go back, to the father’s house!


I believe something changed today, and strongholds were broken! I believe she was set free today!

Beloved, we have people all around us, in need of rescue. I shared this to ignite you, and inspire you to reach out! Reach out and grab hold of them. The enemy has tried to destroy them, but God has come to set them free, from their captivity. We hold the KEY!

Image Credit to Jesus Calls

These homeless men and women are bound, and are in need of freedom! Use your authority as a son and a daughter of God to set them free.

If my experience inspired you, please go out and reach out. We are the salt of the earth, let us not loose our flavor.

If you would like to donate, so we can go out and share the word, as well as meet the need of so many others like them, please do not hesitate to do so. Everyone of us have a gift, don’t dig yours up! Donate to a cause on my front page, we will get it to them.

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