A Chameleon spirit -Pretention

A Chameleon spirit -Pretention

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Transparent is when you are raw but honest, without putting on a show, or persona to deceive others. Pretention on the other hand is the opposite of that. It is manipulative, deceiving, and controlling within, but nice and enticing outside. In other words, it has two faces or sides.

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One that is well-liked, applauded, and respected, and another that is ugly, fraudulent, and deceptive. One seeks to be liked, applauded, and accepted, the other seeks to steal, kill, and destroy.

Pretention is a spirit, a fraudulent spirit that hides behind personality, and pretends well. It blends in really well with the environment, condition, or state. You cannot really discern where pretention dwells unless you are led by the holy spirit. You can be focusing on the person when in reality it is the spirit that operates through that person. It is a chameleon spirit, that can blend into situations, and hides really well into circumstances.

We are not fighting people but the principalities and powers of dark forces. We are not fighting opinions, beliefs, or ideas, but rather the spirits that are controlling people, to steal, kill and destroy. Ephesians 6:12

This spirit cannot be detected unless you watch it’s acts very close. When you do find out it’s acts, it crawls back into it’s lair, and pretends as if nothing happened. In fact it will deny that it ever happened!

“I never said that! You are putting words in my mouth. You are imagining things, it is your problem, not mine.”

It is accusatory, it is deceiving, manipulative, and controlling.

This spirit in reality hates you, is competitive, and is easily offended, this is why it puts in a show to not be found out. It cannot be found out, it always needs to have some type of veil that hides it’s acts. It wants to be liked, perceived well, and respected. Remember it is not flesh you are fighting.

But when confronted, watch out ! It seeks to destroy you, your reputation, your image, and everything that you hold dear to your heart. I pray for you who us affected by this.

I was always raw with people and didn’t understand why some of them ran from me. Surprise! I would confront, in love afcourse, and unveil fraudulent acts, but in return I would receive backlash, misunderstanding and offence. I was never ok with pretention, and could see it clearly from far away.

When I was growing up I had to pretend a lot. I lived within the territory of the church, so I had to put on an act, to fit into the circle. I had to dress well, act well, speak well. If I did well, I would get applauded, if not I would get shunned. Others around me also put on an act, pretending all was well. I learned it’s language, it’s posture, it’s behavior early on!

Young children are easily manipulated, and deceived. They are gulliable, and do not know any better. They wear their hearts on a sleeve, open to everyone. Once they are hurt, they shut down easily, and in turn create their own world, where the enemy can paint and desecrate their precious art pieces.

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They loved you, they cared for you, UNTIL you pressed their buttons. They sided with you, were cheering for your team, until you disagreed with them.

Some people are ok with living lives that require pretention, because they cannot face reality, and would rather live with a head in a sand. Others are not ok with it, they will expose it, and its fraudulent acts, because like myself they are sick and tired of it.

It’s not easy to fight this spirit because it puts on a mask, and pretends like everything is ok, when in reality there is chaos, jealousy, and every act of disorder.

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Satan masquarades himself that way! On the outside he looks like the light, but when you begin to observe closer you find out, what really goes on there. This is why when you are an outsider, you cannot clearly see it’s acts, but when you come closer, you discern it’s ways.

This person can be singing in choir, and even lead a ministry, this person can even be your friend, or your spouse. Remember spirits do not discriminate, they just need a body to operate in, and if there is a door, or legal right, they waltz right in.

In order to fight this spirit, you must be guarded at all times. Walk in the spirit so you do not fullfill the desires of flesh. Do not fight this spirit in flesh, take it into spirit realm. When you detect, be on guard, stay prayed up, and seek God’s wisdom in it. You can do all things, through Christ who gives you strength.

Transparency does not come easy nowadays. Pretention is everywhere! Call yourself blessed when you have transparent people in your life, in other words, people who are real and authentic, with you no matter the outcome, or circumstance, because that’s who we need in our life.

Be truthful always, don’t be a pretender. God does not want us to pretend, he wants us to live out our best for him, to ourselves and others. There is no need to pretend. You are loved, you are treasured, you are accepted! If people do not see it in you, you don’t need to prove anything. Be YOU the rest will sort itself out!

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every accusatory tongue is silenced, in Jesus name.

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