Give when you feel moved to give

I’m not here to boast or show off in any kind of way, because when God gives you a gift he expects you to use it, for the benefit of others not of yourself, and other times testify of God’s goodness and grace.

So I was getting some things at a Dollar Tree today, and before I even reached the entrance I saw a homeless man in the distance. Immediately the Lord placed a burden on my heart to give, but satan also came to whisper lies.

👉 “You don’t know what he going to do with it, 10 dollars is a lot to give.” 👈

The accuser

Well, I shut down the voice and pulled out my money regardless. I had a 5$ bill, a 1$ bill, and a 10$ bill. Without thinking twice I pulled out the 10$ bill, because that is what the Lord placed on my heart. As I approached this man, I gave him what God placed on my heart, and asked him, if there was a prayer on his heart.

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Turns out he is a homeless evangelist moving from place to place, preaching the Gospel, named Joshua. He asked me if I could pray for his protection and his wife. His friend, who used to sit right there in the same spot, got killed on the streets. AS YOU are reading this, pray for their protection, and for God to guide them along the path, that was designed for them.


Father God protect Joshua and evangelists like him, on the road to minister your word. Provide for their needs, rescue them from their troubles, and move hearts to generously give without grudge in their heart. Father, I ask that you would move in Joshua’s hearts mightily to preach the Gospel boldly, with courage and strength. Father, provide for their every need. Do you not take care of the birds, and lilies in the field? You shall provide for their needs at this hour. JOSHUA also lost his friend, father watch over those who are helpless and are in need of salvation. Pick them up and feed them, Lord. I pray this in Yeshua’s name, Amen!

After reading this, and praying this prayer, find a homeless person, family, group, and bless them from your heart. You don’t need to know what they are going to do with it, bless them, and let God take care of them. They are prisoners, and you have the key in your hand to set them free. It could have been you, but God had mercy on you. Infact God had mercy on you when you were in the pit begging for bread, he fed you, he provided for your needs. It’s TIME to give back!

As we continued our conversation, I spoke a prophetic word into him, through gift of knowledge and revelation, hope, as well as strength, and we parted our ways.

God can use you too!

Watching on the sidelines my girls felt to get him a drink, and some snacks. I was more than glad to watch my girls exercise their gift to bless, so we went in and blessed him with the snacks, and a drink.

I share this because many people pass the homeless by, thinking they are on drugs and will use the money to feed their addiction.

I say it isn’t so!

When approaching a homeless person, throw your assumptions away. You don’t know what they had to endure to be where they are. If you are going to give, give quickly so the enemy does not have time to respond, or interfere in your giving. Don’t question where it’s going, just bless him, her, them. God will deal with them, and their heart. Also when you give, be sure to reach out, and offer up a prayer, or speak hope, and faith their way.

They need prayer, more than anything! To break the chains, to be set free!

They need it more than you know. At times all they see is streets, hopelessness, and brokenness, in need of someone to lift them up!

I was glad when I passed by because I had an opportunity to show up right when they needed help. Now imagine how many homeless could be blessed because you and I decided to give, rather than listen to the voice of the enemy.

If this article has blessed you, pass it on, let it be a blessing to someone else.

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