So about six months ago, God put a vision on my heart, to study the WORD of God together with my family. Growing up I did not have basic knowledge of scripture, and as a result I was led astray and taken advantage of wolves, that sought to devour me. [You can refer to my Testimony on the front page] I sincerely regretted that I did not make time to study my word, so I made it of much importance to Study myself, as well as instill the WORD of God in my children’s hearts.

I started this with the STUDY at own comfort and space, on Saturdays and Sundays. I made it of much importance, and we stuck with it. Just last month we have finished the entire book of Matthew with my family, and are starting a NEW book of Mark next week. We have decided to STUDY the first four books of the NEW TESTEMENT together as a family.

We actually have so much fun with it, and are excited to study together, because not only are we gaining knowledge of the scripture, we are having fun, and enjoying our time together as a family, as well as discussing the Bible, and sharpening our weapons. This brings so much joy to my heart, and I love nothing more than to watch my children grow spiritually in the things of God.

I then made this study available to my private Group Sword Study Community. and we have just finished the entire book of Matthew. [ Be sure to fill out the questionnaire and answer all questions to be approved.}

I try my best to be available to those who are seeking the LORD, and are desiring to grow and develop spiritually. It is my honor to put them under my wing, and care for their spiritual needs. I am only a vessel of God, and he uses me as he pleases. I myself have been mislead, and taken advantage of, so I want to return the favor, and give back.

For the next MONTH I will be sharing the STUDY on the GOSPEL of MATTHEW right here on my site via FIRESTARTERIGNITE podcast on the go. I will also be sharing STUDY Guide along with the study, constructed by the leading of the Holy Spirit for easier access, easiness and simplicity. Anyone from beginner, to a more seasoned walk can benefit from the STUDY.

Study for your delight at your own time, and pace. All 28 Chapters in ONE place. The study guide is also available upon request.


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