And just like that, we had finished the GOSPEL of MARK with the group. It was quite a fascinating Story, the story of Jesus, the Messiah in full context of scripture. What he said; in a form of instructions, parables, and commands. What he did; miracles, signs, wonders, and so much more. Mark John supposed author of the book reiterates the details of Matthew, Luke, and John, but paints a more fresh insight of the story focusing on the ministry of Jesus.

In just 8 days, we have completed the entire study! Just two chapters a day! Oh how quickly the time has gone by!

STUDY on THE GOSPEL of MARK is beneficial to anyone who desires to take a closer look at the GOSPEL of Mark and understand the story from a different perspective.

Study for your delight at your own time, and pace. All 16 Chapters in ONE place. The study guide is also available upon request.

Here are the Chapters for your delight. I had recorded the study for those on the GO, via PODCAST FIRESTARTER-IGNITE available on many different platforms, to share it with my audience, as well as my blog viewers. Join the study ROOM SWORD STUDY DELIGHT but be sure to answer questions before joining.


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