Day 8 – Humility

Day 8 – Humility


Reading for Personal Growth, 

by Matthew Myers


Edited by Lena Joseph

This passage was part of my day’s reading and it really struck me.

Read Luke 18:10-14

Oh imagine my excitement when I opened my reading plan this morning and we had moved out of the book of James. These first few days have been hard on me. James has really put it on me. So I was all excited and started today’s reading.

Well, here we go again. Another book, but the same thing. Stay humble. Plain and simple. We do not need to brag about our deeds or our holiness to God. He of all know everything about us and more. Also, a reminder again not to judge. The Pharisee looked down on the tax collector but the tax collector had a better relationship with God. That is what this is all about, building that relationship with our Father in heaven. For a stronger relationship, we need to come to Him with humility. Humility, a bitter pill for man and me to swallow. I will be thinking about these verses today. Trying to remember to keep things and my life in perspective. I welcome your feedback

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