Overhauling Toxic Thoughts – DAY 2

Overhauling Toxic Thoughts – DAY 2
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We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

2 Corinthians 10:5


Lena Joseph

Lena Joseph


As we continue on this reading plan about our thoughts, this one verse challenges us to put our every thought to the test. If we are thinking of something and it doesn’t meet these criteria, then we need to adjust our thoughts and move to something else.

Sin begins in the mind. It is often said that idle hands are the devil’s playground. NOT TRUE. The hands do not do anything that the mind did not think about first. Our thoughts are what makes us do anything. The devil will do things to try to affect or direct our thoughts and quite often to great success.

When someone gets a blessing, it is the devil that introduces the jealousy. When an attractive person passes, it is the devil that brings temptation and adulterous thoughts to mind. We are weak and sinful by nature. He knows that to the alcoholic, all he has to do is present the alcohol or cause and argument or whatever trigger works for the alcoholic, and the alcoholic will return to his sin. The adulterer may only have to see pornography or an attractive person to have those thoughts or pursue that road. All these sins though begin in the mind. We see something and our mind goes in the manner it is let to roam.
We can, however, train it to go other directions. It isn’t easy. I am living proof of that, but it can be done. The verse challenges us to test our thoughts. Lets say you see something and begin to think about it. I don’t care if it is the neighbor’s new car, the drugs or alcohol the neighbor has, or for that matter even the neighbor. Those thoughts that would lead to sin are now to be tested.
First, is it true? Is what you are thinking true? Are you thinking the neighbor did something wrong to get the boat or car? Are you thinking that bag they are carrying is full of drugs? Is it true or is it speculation? The question is: Is it true? Unless you know your thought to be true then move on and think about something else.
Is it noble? When it says noble, it means good and for the well being of others. A good king, queen, prince, or princess always had the best interest of their people in mind. While they were the regent, they felt responsible for the well being of the people. Are your thoughts about the well being and betterment of your neighbor or are they about the betterment of you?
Is it right? Is what you are thinking going to pass muster with God. Would he support your thought or condemn it? We know the difference between right and wrong. So what about that thought?
Is it lovely? Is it an attractive thought? Is it something you would be proud for people to know you thought or would you be embarrassed. Is your thought something to be shared or hidden. We do not want to hide the lovely things but rather put them out on display?
Is it admirable? Again, would others approve of your thought? Would your neighbor find your thought good? Is it something they would wish they had thought?
Is it excellent or praiseworthy? Is it Godly? Everything God does is excellent. The smallest thing he does is worthy of our praise. Is your thought excellent? Would anyone praise it? Is the thought above reproach?

So often in our minds, at some point we would say no if we were being honest to these questions. Our minds, prone to sin, have thoughts that are not pure or lovely or right. Our thoughts are not anything we would even want others to know we thought about. As soon as we answer no to the question, it is time to get our minds back on God. Think about him and his works. Think about his word. Think about his blessings. Think about his sacrifice. Think about his grace. Think about your salvation through him. Think about anything but what you just answered no to. I am learning to do this. Elsewhere in the word it says his words and praises should forever be on our lips. I would take that one step further to his glory and praise should always be on our mind as well.


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