Grateful Heart- Day 9

Grateful Heart- Day 9

Even for the little things…

Let me tell you about what the Lord has done for me: He has blessed me with a good job, he has blessed me with a loving spouse, he has blessed me with healing when I was sick. He has blessed me with a home of which I am quite proud. We can all come up with the big blessings he has granted us. The major things in our life that easy to see and easy to espouse and thank him for

I want to point out one little word in this verse. Three letters that make the difference here. ALL. I will tell you that one word means just what it says. ALL. So when you had just enough milk for your cereal even though you were at the store the day before, or when you were in pain when you woke up but after moving around a few minutes, the pain subsided. When the dog, who never does, comes in the first time you call him, when you are running late. Small blessings from God are still blessings. These stories could just have easily been I went to pour the milk and there was just enough to wet the cereal and ruin it. I woke up this morning hurting and it still hurts or seems to be getting worse. The darn dog ran around the yard for 20 minutes before I could get him inside and it made me late for work.
Little things we don’t often give credit to God for blessing us in could quite easily have gone a different way as I hope the above examples point out. God looks out for us in so many ways and all too often we take those things for granted.

Don't ignore the blessing, but be thankful for it.

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