ROUTINES, How do we deal with them?


What are Routines? 

Routines are a set of daily tasks, to help keep us in check, as well as provide relief from daily struggles. 

We all have them! Positive and negative we all have them. We do things, and follow accordingly, because our body has been programmed and positioned to do them. Unconsciously we do things without realizing it, or even noticing it. 

You wake up in the morning and you open up your eyes what do you do? 

What is the 1st thing you do when you open your eyes? Do you thank God for your life today? Are you thankful for your eyes? How about life in general?  Are you thankful for another day? Another opportunity to do things better, to be alive, to do, and be, who God created you to be? 

Many people do not get to see today, others are not able to wake up from their beds, and a few are unable to do anything productive, because their mind is at war with themselves. πŸ˜₯

Yet you wake up today, and see yet ANOTHER beautiful day

We take so many things for granted, without even realizing it! 

How can we be more thankful?

I Encourage you to follow 21 Day to Greatfulness Devotion,  which will be out on E-BOOK SOON, written by Matthew Myers. It’s purpose is for you to ignite with desire to be thankful, and to gain a different perspective to giving thanks. 

When you wake up, what is the 2nd thing you do? Do you check your phone, do you check in with your loved ones? Whatever matters to you, that’s what you do! Positive or negative, you do it, automaticly, without even realizing it. Perhaps say hello to your spouse? Maybe run to the restroom, I’m not judging 😁 What’s the next thing you do? 

I’m  not going to list all the things we do upon waking up, but you get my point, we ALL do these things, and we all do them differently. 

Some listen to quiet music, others listen or read their bible, and a few others check their phones, emails, social media, whatever you do, that’s is your routine.

People ask me, Lena how do you do so many things? You lead a community group, a prayer group, you are part of other ministries, you post on social media, you have children, you are married, you check in online, quite regularly, you write, you teach bible studies,  blog, work on your books, and many other miscalaneeous things. How do you do it all? 

Well let me let you in on a LITTLE secret! 

First  let me tell you, lean in a little closer! πŸ‘‚πŸ» I need God and his direction πŸ™ŒπŸ». I haven’t always had his direction, but believe me when I tell you I need God to keep me in check…

And Alexa – automative virtual assistant. Manage your calendar, follow along with recipes, catch up on news and more with Alexa. 

Alexa – Not affiliated with Amazon, just love the Product!

Alexa helps me remember things, informs me of latest news, as well as reads my bible, sets up my daily schedule, keeps things in perspective, and boy does she remind you everything single thing. Thanks babe ❀ for getting me one, when you didn’t even know I needed one.  I truly appreciate it!

Not only does Alexa remind you things, wakes you up, reads for you, she tells jokes, facts, and my favorite defined things, because I always want to define things. She sings, yes she sings too, and raps, don’t ask me how know πŸ˜…. She tells time, she encourages, cheers you up, if you set her up right, she puts on music, loud soft, energetic, you name it. She got it! 

Alexa helps, but God is my main source for everything I do

When I wake up I pray. I give thanks! I thank him for waking me up, and starting me on my day. I thank God for my spouse who faithfully provides for us, day in and out, I so appreciate all you do for us my love ❀ my babies who keep me on my toes, smiling, and enjoying life, the community that keeps me spiritually accountable, as well as give me purpose to do what I do, my church family, and my extended πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ‘¦ family, though I don’t say it, I treasure you all dearly. I thank God for his mercies, his grace, his love, and kindness towards me, my family, my loved ones, AND humankind.  I will pray for my warrior groups, for things and situations that God puts on my heart. I am also an intercezsor, so you will often find me in the quite closet. I will talk to God, and ask him to keep me going. 

Because I need it! 

When I finish praying, I take out my Devotion, I have several that I go to, my website being one of them. I will reflect on the moments, read an article that I posted a few years ago, get encouraged and inspired to keep going on my journey, as well as encouraged myself to keep dreaming BIG, because oftentimes it’s not easy, in this little world of ours. 

I oftentimes go to BIBLE YouVersion  and I pick out a plan that fits with my daily schedule to keep me going, as well as fed through the day, because trust me I need Jesus everywhere I turn. I also share those posts HERE on my site!


Pre-planning and pre-scheduling is the way to go!

Hygiene, Skin care, make up routine, hair is very important to me, so that will be my NEXT. I cannot tell you how much of a difference that makes, you feel more confident, more in tune with yourself, healthier, and vibrant because you choose to take good care of yourself, and take the time out to care for you! You need it, so set everything to the side, and take care of YOU! 

Next I will make up my bed. No matter how many times I lay down in my bed, I will ALWAYS make up my bed to the way it used to be. It looks more cleaner, and organized, and ORDER is my number one language in the house. I want my dishes in order, my kitchen, my laundry room, my laundry, everything nicely clean and put away. 

My EVERYDAY task. Once you make up the bed, energy to do more, suddenly arrives at your doorstep.

Cleaning is my everyday routine. You want to know how I keep my house clean, AND have energy to do the rest, I clean EVERYDAY! 

I Spend 20 minutes cleaning an area, living room, and dining room is always clean, when I leave the house, I find those 5 minutes to put everything in check. Ask my kids! Mom, do we have to? YES!! 

Whether it be a kitchen, bathroom, the floors, or outside swing, I will spend that time cleaning, and while I am cleaning, I will probably have music in my ears, or in the background, to keep me uplifted and inspired through the day.  

Because PEACE is so important to me. I cannot have any kind if negative thoughts running through my mind and trust me, negative thinking always finds it way to rear it’s ugly head! Or I will have audio Bible ON full blast!

No room for negative thoughts!

Next I will look through my fridge to see if I can eat something from the night before, or create something new from the night before. Get those creative genes flowing mamas. Why throw out perfectly good rice, when you can RAMAGE through your friedge, repurpose and recreate a MEAL. 

My girls have their special request, so I will have breakfast ready for them. Already prepackaged or prepared breakfast PLATES,  help a LOT. 

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day

NEXT I will go outside and do my outside routine. For some it will be watering plants, keeping up with a garden, for me, its THOSE things, plus cleaning the pool. We have above ground pool, and boy does it require WORK.

My beautiful citrus tree

I sometimes wonder how I get things done, but then I REMEMBER I give myself GRACE, and lots of it, because I need it. Be patient with yourself, dirty dishes overnight are OK, just dont do it everyday, MESSY kitchen is OK, fridge full of yesterday’s food is OK, just be sure to clean up soon as you give yourself GRACE.

GRACE is God’s favor for humankind! We are frail human beings, we mess up everyday, we fall short of God’s Glory. All have sinned, and fall short of God’s glory! The penalty for sin, is death, but thank God for his mercy, and sacrifice!

We are not perfect, we are flawed human beings who are in need of God’s Grace everyday. We need to be kind with ourselves, love ourselves and give ourselves a break. I always say


Ignite Mentorship is a program THAT is helping many receive transformative results, as well as create success stories. Lena the founder knows the value of Mentorship, Discipleship, and personal Discipline, so that is what is being offered here.

I also run an online community so I will pre- schedule posts, and preplan topics. I also have a bible study group, so I will pre-plan, and pre-schedule those as well. 

Pre-Planning is the way to go when you are administering multiple groups.

This has been golden in the last few months, without it, I don’t know how I could even get things done, create content, answer any questions or concerns within the group, post my thoughts, check on already lead groups, answer comments, check in with my friends, and etc. 

So there goes my morning routine, and we all have them. 

I barely watch TV, I read a lot, I study, I research, then spend time in secret place with God. Watching TV is not bad for you, until you make that your priority, as well as your main entertainment. Reading books feeds your mind, and spending time with God strengthens your spirit man.

Because HE gives me the strength to move mountains, and power to slay my daily giants, HE empowers me to do great things, and in return I pour out to encourage others. 

And it’s because of HIM that I do those things more! 

Thanks for checking out my site, I hope this has been an encouragement to you, and ignited a desire within, to pursue greater things within yourself, because there are so many treasures within you, that you have not discovered yet!  Come back and visit me soon!

Blessings to you, and yours! ❀

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