My Birth Day

1-st day of my new chapter,  36 and Thriving! 

I was kind of nervous about the upcoming age, 36. I remember my mom at 36 and that seems like yesterday when we first came to the USA, which in reality, 20 years ago. I sure do not feel 36 nor do I look it, thanks to self-care, skincare, and good genes in the family, mama looking good for her age, but regardless of how I felt, the day was coming! 

Woke up to breakfast in bed, baby girls made me the whole breakfast in bed;  on a platter, hot and steamy, scrambled eggs just the way I like them, sausage cooked on a stove, coffee, and my favorite blue muffin. 

I so enjoyed, every bit of it, and just as I was about to start my day,  my mama called me with the sweetest birthday wishes. ON time call I tell you. We reminiscent shared memories and had a heart talk. 

Turns out my ACTUAL birth-day was not so pleasant at all. It was a stormy night, and my mom was ready to have me. On the road, to the hospital. with the local nurse at her side, no one in sight. When they got there, the lights went out, and the hospital was pitch black in the darkness. 

Under an oil lamp, I was born, a little tiny light in the darkness and my parents named me…

YELENA which coincidently means “the shining light.” 

I can get carried away talking about my birthday, and every year, my mom reveals a little more of my birth story. 

Next, I was given orders not to do any heavy lifting or work-related projects, my girls, who are 12 and 9 was going to take care of it. Soon as I even left the shower, the sound of the vacuum cleaner and dishwasher let me know they were heavy on duty. 😂 

I love the sight of a clean kitchen and the smell of fresh tropical scent, all around my house. My stove covers were even put on and the counter spotless clean.

Next, I decided to talk to my best friend, my childhood friend, the one I grew up with, and what a beautiful time we had to reminisce, as well as talk about life, distant memories, books, and anything else we have in common. We were 15 and couldn’t wait to drive, teenagers, now we are both turning 36, just 3 days apart! 


Ever since I can remember we’ve always celebrated our birthdays together. we are three days apart, she is like a sister to me, we truly are inseparable. Life can sometimes get in the way, but we still manage to carve out little time for each other, because quality talk is important to us. 

Soon as I got finished talking on the phone, my youngest was tugging me on my arm to play some video games with her, and dip in the pool. That is how we have our time together and spend that quality time with each other. Me and my mom didn’t have that, so I always try to be more available for my babies. I haven’t played in a while, video 360 CONNECT games, but I made that time, to show her how important she is to me, and that our time together matters. 

If you are a parent and you happen to come across my article, please make sure you are spending that quality time with your babies, put away your phones, set aside your schedules, and carve out that time with your little ones. They are getting older, as we are getting older, and they will remember those times we specifically made for them. 

My youngest recently learned to swim in the deep, huge win so she has been spending all her days in the pool, we have an above-ground pool, plenty of space for practice. 

As we say in Russian, she is my kachka, which translates, she is my rubber duck, who basically lives in water.  I do realize that for other cultures this simply will not make sense but for my Russian Ukrainian or Slavic readers, you get me! 

I didn’t realize how much I’ve neglected self-care, which is as important as any other care. Self-care keeps us moms going, and it recharges our battery life

Whatever that means to you; reading, getting your nails done, Netflix and chill, listen to quiet music by yourself, or simply sit in your backyard in a swing, listen to the sounds of nature. 

Yes, you can hear nature sing! 😊 Just be sure to tune in, and unplug from the world. 

Speaking of which, my daughter took my electronics away for the time being, while I was writing this.  

When I got in the house, the kitchen was spotless, even to the gritty and detail, laundry clothes folded, floors smelling fresh and clean, and my daughter running around, distributing clothes.

I folded all your clothes, come get your clothes!” That is my favorite fraze to say when I need the girls to get their clothes. (I actually LOVE folding clothes, belive it or not, it soothes my soul, am I the only one?)


How do you do this mom, I’m exhausted!

Best BIRTHDAY gift ever!

Watching my girls take care of mommy the way they do, puts a smile on my face, no gift can ever replace that! 

I did not do any ministerial work, or housework, or any other work, it’s all piled up for me to pick up tomorrow which is today, as I am blogging and getting ready for bed. 

And it felt good, to put myself ahead for one’s, with the help of my girls. I need that reminder from time to time

Work is still going to be there, dishes and laundry will still be there, time, however, is of much essence. 

Treat your time wisely, do not spend your time where you don’t have to, don’t do 100 miscellaneous things you don’t have to do. Stop and Breathe, relax, read, dip in the pool, shave your legs, and do your hair.

Because the WORLD needs the best version of you! 

So for my new chapter, I plan to thrive in whatever soothes my soul and feeds my spirit. I plan to relax more, plug out and spend that quality time with my babies because life is precious, and you can’t get that time back. 

Happy Birthday to me! 

Thanks, BABE for making my birthday special, the beautiful roses, cake, and dinner, is simply icing on the cake, your love and thoughtfulness do not go unnoticed! Love you much!  

TO my girls, thank you for making my day special, and meaningful, mommy loves you very much! 

Here are some pics from the day, and celebrations! Enjoy!

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