A memory to remember

A memory to remember

Oh, my lucky stars! We get to reconnect for old times sake this weekend! Not only did we get to soak up the sun, and dip our toes in the multiple pools at the resort, we got to spend that quality time, for our birthday month, as well as Father’s Day weekend. 

With our families.

My best friend of 20 years, the one I grew up with, hang out with, shared old, and new memories together got to see each other


Well, we are in our mid 30’s this year, plus ONE. Our birthdays are 3 days apart, YES you heard right, 3 days apart. Hers is the 12th, mine is 9th, 1985

The Millennial babies, the ones who grew up listening to music via CD player, and read audiobooks via audio cassette, VCR, with frequent trips to BLOCKBUSTER, with low-quality picture and sound. Who passed notes to each other, instead of texting and calling. WHO made time for each other, no matter what time it was. We had the first Motorolla Razors and blackBerries, and I’m not talking about fruits either.

You guessed it, phones!

We had phone landlines, dial up internet, MSN and AOL, THOSE Millennials.

Well this weekend, we got to catch up on old times, and reminiscent about the old times, and WHAT A TIME IT WAS! We got to see our babies all grown up, and talking, spend quality time with one another, cook together, grocery shop, dip in the pool, and even make Father’s Day breakfast and lunch!

At no other than Groves Orlando Resort, 2 bedroom condo @ Surfari Water Park, with multiple swimming pools, fun slides, lazy river, kid splash area, nearby restaurants, boardwalk for an early morning walk and activity center for the creative minds, and artsy hands. 

After a nice dip in the pool, we mamas stopped by at the nearest PUBLIX to pick up groceries for breakfast and lunch but ended up making full-on BREAKFAST for dad’s, and LUNCH.

We honor our men for the great fathers they are to our babies. Frank, our superman, we thank God for you, and all the sacrifices you are making day in, and day out. No words can express how much we appreciate you, and honor you. Efraim thank you for your friendship as well as for making that time for Jolie and I to reconnect!

Blessed beyond measure!

Not only did we get to see each other, but we also reminded each other of what was important; that no matter how busy life gets, we must first and foremost take care of ourselves, our health, spiritually and emotionally.

Self-care is very important in my life. I make that time to take care of myself, pamper myself, look out for myself, read, take a walk, facials, nails, jog, swim…whatever makes me happy, I do that!

Because if I don’t, who will?

Mommies oftentimes take care of others before they do themselves, but it should be the other way, When mom is healthy, or the wife is happy, the house is well put together, functioning at its best, but when mom gets sick, and that can also be emotionally draining, the whole house feels the pressure.

So MAMAS please take care of yourself FIRST! We need you, your babies need you!

Seems just like yesterday we were looking forward to driving at 16, playing tennis and volleyball at the park until street lights went out, walk to and from high school, in our neighborhood, hanging out at each other’s houses, going to church together, meeting up at SPOT for coffee and our studies, playing UNO, and picking strawberries.

We were that kind of Millennials! If you can relate, comment on your favorite memory below, I’d love to hear about it.

The girls got daddy sentinmental gifts with value, and couldnt wait until 12AM to give it to dad.

WE LOVE YOU ! And thank you for making time for this AMAZING trip !

Until next time, much love

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