21 Days to a Grateful Heart- DAY 10

Written by Matthew Myers 

Edited by Lena Joseph 

Scripture To Ponder Upon

5:16 Rejoice always:
5:17 pray continually
5:18 give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

How often do we give thanks in the bad times. Are we rejoicing in our Lord and thankful to him when things are going wrong in our life? WE should be. No matter the circumstance, our Father’s love for us is in the midst and he is there for us. It may not be how we expect or how we want things to turn out, but he is there.

Imagine that we are losing our job, and subsequently our home, car, and a lot of our self image. Would you be praising God then? Perhaps this was so you would find a better job in a new city, one that pays considerably more and allows you to purchase a nicer home.
Also, as you are there, you find a community of people be it at work or your neighborhood that needs to hear about our Lord and Savior. You talk to them and they become saved. Now would you thank him for losing the prior job and everything around it?
Imagine that your spouse decides they no longer love you and want to break up. You go through all the bad things but go away to begin your new life. Are you thanking God yet? What if you learn that the former spouse now has a substance abuse problem and became abusive and beating on their partner. What if you meet a new partner which fulfills you in every earthly way while sharing your spiritual connection with God. Their ambition matches yours in that you love Jesus and want to serve him. Are you thanking him now?
My point is you never know what God has in mind or in store for us when things don’t go according to OUR plans. They will all go according to his plan regardless of what we think we need. We still need to be thankful to him even in our worst of times. He knows more about our needs than we do anyway.

Don't ignore the blessing, but be thankful for it


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