Turn around in your actions, so that time of refreshing may come

Turn around in your actions, so that time of refreshing may come

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So repent [change your inner self—your old way of thinking, regret past sins] and return [to God—seek His purpose for your life], so that your sins may be wiped away [blotted out, completely erased], so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord [restoring you like a cool wind on a hot day];

Acts 3:19 AMP
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I normally read the NIV of scripture, but I love the amplified version of this scripture! It amplifies the message all the more! When you get a chance check out the context of this scripture! The scripture is taken out of a situation on the road, in the Ministry of Peter and John. The man, who was a beggar his whole life, gets healed!

The crowd standing by, knowing this man and his situation, marvels at this miraculous event, and Peter casually responds to their amazement.

You men of Israel, why are you amazed at this? Why are you staring at us, as though by our own power or godliness we had made this man walk.

verse 12

Like why are you surprised? It’s not us or our ability or power, to heal, but GOD. We have nothing! We cannot take the credit, credit belongs to the MOST HIGH! He then gives GOD glory for what just happened. Taking the opportunity Peter and John speak the KINGDOM message, the GOSPEL.

You see what just happened? This man, the lame beggar was healed? This is not us, this is all God. The same Jesus that you crucified, raised this man to his feet. Repent and turn around, change your way of thinking, return to God, so that refreshing may come.

to repent is to to be very sorry for something bad you have done in the past and wish that you had not done it.

A refreshing comes after repentance. When we decide to change our mind, our actions, our behavior, we can now receive what we have not before. Sometimes we have to turn around in our actions, and change our way of thinking, so we too can receive healing!  Sin blocks belief, sin causes us to doubt, act in ignorance, and question God. Our sins are wiped clean, and are no more, the minute we ask God for forgiveness, and turn around in our actions.

This is what PETER is saying! Not only does GOD heal the beggar, Peter also preaches the GOSPEL message.


Father God it is only against you and you alone that I sin, gratifying the desires of my flesh, cleanse me of all unrighteousness, purge me of sin. Forgive my ignorance, and my lack of faith. Any desire in me that does not please you, remove it far from me, I desire to please you and only you. Create in me a clean heart, review a right spirit within me, Amen

Now go, as Peter amplifies, and sin no more, so that you will be healed.


What is God saying to you through this scripture ?

What do these words mean to you?

How can you apply this in your life?

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