Forgiveness: They know not what they do

Forgiveness: They know not what they do

Today’s Bible Verse is a hard pill to swallow, but must be mentioned.

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Jesus instructs us, the followers of Jesus

To love our enemies! Not only that, but pray for them too!

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Pray for those that hurt you, mislead you, and cause you harm, pray for those that intend evil, and ill will for your life. Pray and ask God to bless them instead.

It’s not easy I know!

When I’m driving on the road, and someone behind me wants to pass me, because seemingly I’m going too slow on the road, and they either honk at me or give me a “nice” finger, everything in me wants to react in a different way, but instead, I pray, “bless them Lord, and keep them safe on the road”.

Or when a slow driver is driving less than 35mph on the road, and everything in me wants to react, and tell them something, but instead I must practice my gift of self-control, and be patient instead.

Sometimes people are hurtful because hurtful things were done to them, sometimes people persecute and revile because it’s easier to blame it on someone else than take that fault upon themselves.

Maybe today you can think of a person or a situation that gives you no rest, something that was done to you a long time ago, and you just can’t quite let go, take one step, one day at a time. Give it to God, tell God all about your troubles, and bless those that hurt you, and offend you, because he did that for you.

You can also follow an article on forgiveness here when I was going through my season. This might be something you have to do moving forward. First forgive yourself, ask God to forgive you, so you can forgive others. Too often we cannot forgive ourselves for making someone else miserable, but God’s Grace is enough, even for us.

Much love and prayers, ❤


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