Helping others in need: Two blessings in one day!

Helping others in need: Two blessings in one day!

Blessing #1

Me and my daughter decided to go to the park. Our plan was to stop by Dunkin Donuts, grab a bite, and head straight to the park. Well the plan didn’t go as expected, and let’s face it 9 out of 10 the course of day changes. We missed Dunkin Donuts, forget about our food, let’s just go to the park, let’s grab something else. Then I remembered there is a Dunkin Donuts right over the hill, maybe 5 minutes away from the Park.

Pulling up I noticed 4 to 5 cars infront of me, oh great, a line! but something also told me to wait.

Wait on the Lord!

Just then in the distance I saw a man sitting down on a curb, and before I even got to ordering my food, or see his “HELP ME” sign, Holy Spirit dropped a thought in my spirit to talk to him.

He had a downcast look on his face, I wanted to brighten up his day. Even if we don’t have anything to give, we have hope, joy, and peace to give, we can offer prayer, and healing. I know it’s not easy being out on the streets, sometimes intentional, and other times not, in the sun, looking for a way to get food, clothes, transportation. Immediately the Holy Spirit nudged at my heart.

Sir“… my daughter waived at the man, and immediately he jumped up from his seat, heading to our car.

I said, “ I don’t know what you are going through, but God had me notice you in the distance, and he knows you, and your situation. Here is a little something to get by, God bless you.

I handed him some cash, and saw the man’s face light up, almost immediately. It was ONLY 5$! It made his day, no let’s scratch that, it made my day!

We can never go broke over those 5$, we can turn down that latte, or even that sandwich, so we can help someone else in need.

When we help strangers, God is taking notice!

It is not my job to decide how he’s going to use the money, or if he’s going to get food, or booze, my job is to help him, brighten up his day, speak life over him, and let God do the rest. As a beliver I must not pass by, but help, whatever way I can, because I don’t know his situation, nor is it my place to figure it out.

All this time my daughter was watching, and taking notes. Never look down on others, it could be you! Your family, or your son. We must be a good example to our children, and teach them to do the right thing. She has a huge heart for the homeless, and I’m proud to be here mom. ❤

Blessing #2

After an exchange of compliments to the cashier who was serving us, we grabbed the food and on the way to the park we went.

At the park we decided to sit by the water to get our minds cleared up, and eat our food.

A lady passed by, she had no shoes on. That always troubles me, the Holy Spirit nudged at my spirit, I said “Hello, how are you doing?” You never know how God can spark up a conversation, through a simple hello, or meet a need through a simple smile.

She didn’t respond, hanging her head low she passed on by, but as she walked a bit further, she stopped

You girls are beautiful ” and she smiled, then she kept on walking. I smiled back, “Thank you, God bless you!

I opened up my box to eat my Avacado Toast, juicy and delicious, I have been wanting to try it out, and everytime I want to get it, I forget to pick it up, well this time…

When the Holy Spirit OUT OF NOWHERE, places this lady in my thoughts…

I wonder if she likes Avocados. “

I knew what to do!

I called my daughter, and handed her my Avocado Toast instructing her to run after, and offer her my toast. She gladly accepted, and I could see the smile on her face, in the distance, or maybe it was God smiling through her.

We will never know the effect we have on people we meet on the street, or passing us by, and how a simple hello can spark a fire inside of us, and them. We should always be open, and ready to receive, ready to give, ready to listen, because God is always speaking…

But are we listening?

The word of God says that if we help the least of those, we are actually serving God, and if we offer up a cold cup of water to the least of those, we have offered it to the Lord. Nothing we do goes unnoticed in his sight. He jots down every part, and pays attention to every detail.

And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.

Matthew 10:42

When you are out and about, open up your spiritual ears, to the cry of the people around you, and see through his eyes, you might just receive a blessing or two ! Pass this on, to be a blessing! Come back and visit me soon, I update Daily!


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