Affirm your children every chance you got: They need it!

Affirm your children every chance you got: They need it!

Affirmations are positive words or compliments given to another person throughout the day to build up and encourage the individual in their daily life and affairs.

Words like

You are a champ, a winner, it’s the effort you put in that counts, you are beautiful, my pretty girl, handsome guy! You are strong, not a looser, and you are moving mountains.”

And Encouragements like

Keep going, you’re a champ, you will do great and mighty things, get up, you are so close, don’t give up!

Notice how those words are already building you up, and are giving you confidence, as you are reading through this article, because lets face it, naturally we want to hear those words, and affirmations, and are craving them deep within.

Our creator designed us this way!

These are just some of the examples from my own life, or the words I have spoken over my own children, and those I am connected to.

Not only are Affirmations important in the lives of our children, but also Encouragements spoken throughout the day. Not only are they important, they are vital to our child’s growth and devolopment.

Encourage them when they are facing difficulties reaching that top stair, or putting together those lego pieces. Affirm their actions, and let them see you notice them. Do not critisize their actions, speak negative words, because they will in turn criticize themselves, and those around them. It all starts from early on! The building blocks of your child’s future growth and development depends on you Parents!

Many adults are not getting that part even in their adulthood. They are looking for someone else to encourage them, and affirm them in their life, when this was their parents job. I understand that some parents didn’t know any better and have grown up in broken homes, so I am not looking down but simply spreading and igniting awareness to those who are listening, and learning.

Affirmations in the life of a child are very important, when their love bank is full, and that comes in a form of positive words, encouragements, and care, they will not search for it elsewhere. They will not seek affrmations from their friends and colleagues, their partners in life, and act like the world owes to them, what their parents didn’t provide for them.

Disclaimer: If your parents did not provide for you in that area, your heavenly father will not leave you abandoned. The BIBLE, most hated book on the Planet, is full of affirmations, and Encouragements, it is full of wisdom, and inspirational stories. So many hate the BOOK without actually reading it for themselves. This BOOK Is life to those that find it, and those that hate will never understand the power of the BOOK.

Affirm and encourage your children early on, thise are seeds tjat you ste planting, to better their lives, and futures. When the seeds are fully grown, they will produce fruit. Not only will they affirm themselves, and encourage, they will spread that positive energy, to people around them.

Critical parents raise critical children, with a negative mindset. They always correct them, and beat them for no particular reason. If not physically, they are beat down emotionally, and mentally, unable to fend for themselves. They put them down, when they should be building them up instead. You could be a good child, but for some reason you get slapped, and hit for just speaking up, or expressing your opinion. Because we are the Parents? Who gave us the Right?

You don’t speak to your children this way, and you sure do not have a right to hit them, for no apparent reason. Take your frustration and anger to GOD!

I didn’t say it, the holy spirit reveals all things. Parents we need to do better!

No wonder there are so many broken children in the world. Looking for love in all the wrong places, looking to be affirmed by the wrong crowd, looking and seeking for encouragement when their world collides, in the wrong environment.

Parents we are given a responsibility to teach and train our children, in the way they should go, so when they are older they will apply those words and actions to their daily lives.

Train up a child? That is a BIBLICAL PRINCIPLE

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22: 6

It may seem as if nothing is happening, at the moment. You may feel frustated, and think whats the point! Do not give up, keep going, keep speaking life over your children! Keep affirming, keep building up, keep encouraging! I have gotten discouraged when I didn’t see results, and have gotten frustrated, but that is not the solution. We need to keep going, and keep striving, so that our children learn from our example, and do better!

Father help us, and teach us, to train our kids to follow your pattern and plan, we need you! If we have done wrong, forgive us, and help us to do better. We seek to please you, and honor you with our words, and our actions. Let our words be kind, and fruitful, let our children learn, and not rebel.

If you have enjoyed this article , or have been blessed by the WORD, pass it on to someone else, share it on your WALL. Let awareness hit homes, and ignite lives. My mission is to simply IGNITE! Blessings to you and yours!


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