Take thoughts captive: Verse of the Day

Take thoughts captive: Verse of the Day

So before we get into today’s scripture, I wanted to share a few KEY MUST that are on my list everyday, to drown out the negative voices in my head. We all have them. But how we deal with them is what’s going to make a difference.

No it’s not a check mark, or an obligation, i just found my journey to be a lot easier, and peaceful through the day.

The most obvious KEY is PRAYER

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Communication in a form of giving of thanks, request, petition or worship. I may start with a worship song, music, or video, which then leads me into giving of thanks. I begin to list all the things, that I thankful for, which then brings me to worship my creator. Once I magnify his name, and ask for protection, guidance direction, I got into petition mode. What that simply means is making a request before the King of kings. Whatever that request looks like to me. It can be a family prayer/request, a prayer for a friend, my ministry, the ministries I am connected to, people I am in contact with, my girls, my husband, my territories, and boundaries. When I am done petitioning on certain matters, I begin to DECREE God’s word over those things, as well as thanking him for miraculous works in my life. I don’t have to see it to believe it. Of God has put it on my heart, that means he has a plan. I must also remember not to lean on my own understanding but trust God the whole time. I will DECLARE scriptures, Psalm 51, 91, 139, 27, 3 and 23 whichever comes to my mind, or heart that day.

Second most obvious but not so obvious KEY, DEVOTION.

My most favorite Devotion is found on Youversion Bible App, I defeniantly recommend this app to anyone. It is my go to DAILY! I actually have a widget downloaded on my front screen, so I don’t miss it any of the scriptures, for that day, then I write my reflection on it, and perhaps share it here on my site. I will also go to my Daily Devotion, which I recently found very beneficial to my walk, Love Your Life” by Victoria Osteen, a combination of Devotions, on Life, Success, Relationships and so much more. It truly gives me a perspective that I have not seen, plus confirm some thoughts in my spirit, or on my heart. The Bible is my go to, I actually record my personal study via Podcast Firestarter Ignite available on all platforms, to benefit others that are walking alongside of my journey. I recently finished the STUDY on the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and next week I will START John. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do have the holy spirit who guides me along on my path. I share my findings, and reflections with those I am connected to. There is so much to discover!

and least but not last WORSHIP

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So a few months ago my husband got me Alexa -virtual assistant. Now I just talk to Alexa, and she knows exactly what I like, and prefer. The type of music, genre, selection. She will, or this virtual assistant will pull up worship songs, that I listen to during the day. Sometimes I will feel certain songs in my spirit, so I will GOOGLE those lyrics, and worship alongside.

Other places that I have found WORSHIP beneficial

  • In my quet moments cleaning the pool – we have a 10,000 gallon above ground pool that I like to keep clean, and that takes 15 minutes, which can bw filld with worahip, so the kids can swim and enjoy their summer in, while I reboot myself with God’s presence.
  • During my laundry days. When I wash, dry, fold, and put away my laundry, that seems to never end, on repeat. It is at that time that I need worship, and I need it NOW. I am in a better mood, and God is moving in my midst. This is my time to DECREE through songs, DECLARE in a form of words, the goodness of God into the atmosphere.
  • Who loves doing dishes? I do! Because I bring my worship with me. No mattee the pile, bring it on! Washing dishes does not seem like a chore, but a fun experience, with worship in your ear.
  • When I work out, when I am in the car running errands, driving kids to school, or going to the park, mall, and on trips.

So you see worship is a way of my lifestyle.

But it hasn’t always been that way! There was a day I focused on myself, pleasures and treasures of life forgetting what is important. You gotta start somewhere, why not with WORSHIP, TODAY!

God changed things around, when I was willing to listen.

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So today, take every thought captive, and I’m not saying EVERY thought, but EVERY negative, non constructive thought that comes across, to destroy, shut it down with worship, drown out the voices with the WORD of God, pray a prayer, or simply a change of thoughts in a positive direction.

You have control over your thoughts! Steer them into direction you want them to go.

Every thought, idea, that does not bring God Glory, or build up, Encourage, inspire, take it CAPTIVE, then after you have done so, make it obedient to Christ, that means his WORD.

Speak God’s Word over that negative situation/thought! Watch it run in another direction.

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