Change your Perspective: Devotional Reading

Change your Perspective: Devotional Reading

Today I will be sharing my personal favorite Devotional recommended by my best friend, that I started about a month ago. I am a reader, and I read daily! Whether it’s a BIBLE, or a BOOK, I find that time to be set aside for reading. Reading feeds, and expands my mind! I totally recommend this book to anyone that is looking for inspiration, encouragement on their journey.

Oh how my Perspective changed when I started reading this book

For those of you on the Go, busy with life, I totally get it. I was a student with busy life, I was a full time mom, minister, and still am. I can barely catch up on the million things that are staring at me, in my daily affairs. So I made this video just for you! In this video I will be reading a CHAPTER from the book, that speaks to me, or I find encouraging in my journey, then share my Reflection on it!

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