Have you ever heard a statement, two are better than one?

Have you ever heard a statement, two are better than one?

Two heads are better than one? I have! Not only that I have said that very statement multiple times, because two heads are in fact better than one! Two minds, two ways of thinking, two heads coming together as one.

Or a very famous saying by CS LEWIS

Two heads are better than one, not because either is infallible, but because they are unlikely to go wrong in the same direction.

CS. Lewis

Well it’s true! When two people work together on a project, or a plan, they are more likely to solve a problem, than one person doing it alone. There is more strength, more power, more knowledge, more understanding in numbers.

This is what Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes is talking about in chapter 4 verse 9. The power of two people, verses someone who is alone.

1. The company of two is better than a company of one. In that one can always help the other person, if one falls down, the other can help the other up. This is why it is important to get around other people, especially people of like faith, people of like mind. When one person has a bad season, or a bad moment, pity to that person, because there will be no one to pick them up, but if you have friends, and people in your life you can confide in, the weight of life is a bit lighter.

2. In marriage, the company of two is better than one. In that, the couple can talk to one another, and not be lonely. They can seek for each other’s advice, and look for a way out, together! When one is set out on the mission, the other helps to navigate in return. Pity to a marriage that wants to do things alone! There is no communication there, no understanding, constant fights and struggles. It is better to be on the same page, lifting each other up, then silently tearing each other down.

Just look at this couple right here, you just know these two are better together, than walking alone.

3. In relationships, two is better than one. Family, sibling, two sides, the company of two, is better than one. In business, two can work up a plan, to better succeed. In workplace two can finish the job quicker. No matter where you apply this principle, the company of two is much better than one! The benefits of two are quite rewarding, and amazing!

4. In friendships, two is better than one. A fair share of both, will keep this friendship alive. But woe to those one- side friendships, that give give give, and when it’s time for them to be lifted, there is no one around. The bible speaks about this too! Choose your friendships carefully! An ungodly company does not understand those principles. Ever heard of unequal yokes? Same principle!

The bible also speaks of supernatural power multiplying when two people come together to complete a project, or even fellowshipping together, and how about spiritually fighting in war.

One can put thousands to flight, and two can put ten thousands to flight! Deuteronomy 32:30 What powerful analogy here! One can fight a good amount of soldiers, while two, coupled up, can irridicate the numbers in moment’s notice. Do you hear me Warriors? It’s about numbers, its all about the POWER of two, or three!!

Two can do a lot more than one can.  Two are more powerful, two are stronger, two are unstoppable!

Whether this person is in marriage, relationship or friendship, two are better than one.

Credit image to YouVersion Bible App


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