Grateful Heart – Day 11

Grateful Heart – Day 11

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

This is another long group of verses, but it is well worth the read. Please read the verses even if you choose to skip my commentary.

The entire war has already been won. God has defeated the enemy and won everything with the sacrifice of his son. While the Psalmist was speaking of literal battles and specific enemies, I believe we can understand his joy. We have all had those times when it felt the entire world was against us. Problems at our jobs, arguments with our families, pain in our natural bodies, even that lady at the grocery store gave us attitude in the check out line. Granted not exactly beset on all sides by sword wielding enemies after our life, but still things out to distract us from our purpose and keep us from God. Take courage in that God has our backs. These things, though distressing, are not going to defeat us. Keep faith that the Lord hears our calls and will get us through anything. Be thankful that we have this divine helper.

Then praise him when he brings you through the things. The Psalmist mentions repeatedly how in the Lord’s name he cut them down. Now of course we aren’t taking a sword to the lady at the grocery store, but with the Lord’s help, we can maintain a Christian spirit and show grace to her and God’s mercy in holding our own tongues. She in turn may feel convicted of her actions or if not, she will gain no satisfaction in causing you to break. The Lord gives you the strength to make it through those days where things just hurt. He gets us by those days where the boss just seems to be all over you. He brings peace to the unrest in families. As long as it is given over to him and handled in the Lord’s name and way.

Remember who you are in God’s house. You are a child of God. You are not this fallible flesh bag walking this earth. You are a resident in heaven. Your name is written in heaven. You have a Father who loves and cares about you. He wants to be and will be your helper. In verse 22 the Psalmist says the stone the builders rejected, that is us. This world can kick us and put us down as much as it wants, we are not to stress here. We are cornerstones in heaven. The Lord is building in us and on us to reach others. He is using us to make his Kingdom glorious. He does it daily as he forgives our sins and blesses us.

This is reason enough to, as the Psalmist says, take up boughs in hand and join the festal procession. We have so much to praise him for it is incredible. All the things he does in our life is truly marvelous. So I have to agree with the Psalmist here.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his love endures forever.

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