Grateful Heart- Day 12

Grateful Heart- Day 12

Read Ephesians 5:20

We can find it easy to praise God for the big things in our lives. The new job, the new car, the birth of a child; all are easy to praise him and get excited about what God has done. We give thanks for a meal, but is it true thanksgiving or is it lip service. Don’t answer just think about it. What was for breakfast this morning. I had a ham egg and cheese sandwich, orange juice, and a banana. Pretty good huh. Cost me five dollars at the local sandwich shop. Now what exactly do I have to be thankful to God for in that sandwich I bought?
Let’s break it down:
The bread consist of various ingredients that had to be grown, harvested processed and baked into bread. This bread was then bought by the sandwich shop. So my bread started out as God allowing his creations, animals and the earth to provide the raw ingredients. Then he had to put in place a farmer to gather these items and sell them to the mills and such that process them. God also put the mills and the people in them in place along with the knowledge on how to build the mills and produce the products safely that I would later ingest. Then the flour and other materials were bought by the bakery, again a result of God’s machinations to create the baker, the bakery, and the knowledge to bake bread. THEN, he had to place truck drivers to deliver it to the corner sandwich shop. Already a lot of stuff for God to be involved in and we just have bread.
Now God repeats the process for the ham, eggs, mustard, and cheese. Lots of farmers and processes and trucks to get it all to the sandwich shop. NOW, it is at the sandwich shop, I come in to order and they put it together for me along with the banana and OJ on the side. Two more long arduous processes that God orchestrated. He put the people in the sandwich shop this morning. Years ago, he put the shops owner in business at that particular corner. He had me stop there this morning. He gave me skills and the job that earned me the five dollars to pay for it.
So as I bit into that sandwich this morning and drank my juice did I thank him for it? Yes, but not to the level he truly deserves. Think about all that goes into everything in our lives. Every facet of what we do, what we eat, what we see is all God’s handiwork. We only have him to thank for all of it. So as we start to give thanks, think about what we are truly thanking him for. Are we just thanking him for the tasty sandwich or are we thanking him for EVERYTHING. I know my heart is often lacking in this as certain things we take for granted.
I am not trying to reprimand anyone as I said. I fail in this as well. The point of this is to

Think About It

Have you been ignited, inspired, encouraged?

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