HAPPY August

HAPPY August

As I was getting ready to head to bed, all of a sudden I felt moved to decree and pray certain words into the atmosphere. I saw a letter, in the spirit, and I began to read it. It was a long letter, I could barely keep up.

Obedient I prayed those words into the atmosphere 🙏🏻 God is faithful to reward those who have been contending for the promises of God. He sees your tears, he sees your struggles, he knows before you even utter them out loud. Everything is laid before him. Nothing goes to waste saith the Lord. I will multiply it, and everyone around you will be in awe and astonishment. Watch and see!

A new month is on the Horizon!

New day

New opportunity

A brand new chance at life.

HAPPY August

Live a life of Purpose and Grace!

May this month and the rest of the year, be better than your former days.  May you rejoice in your trials and tribulations and give God praise. Your mourning shall turn into dancing, your sorrow into joy everlasting. May all that the enemy meant for your evil turn to ashes, and die out. May all your enemies be scattered into seven arid places, may confusion arise and confound your enemies. All the evil plans assigned against you, your family, your business, and your health be decreed null and void. May you live intentionally on purpose, and prosper in all of your ways. May you be planted by rivers of living waters, and pour your fruit in season, your leaves shall never wither out, only grow in Grace. Your destiny destroyers will disappear from your life. Destiny helpers arrive to rebuild and restore what was broken and lost. Your cup runs over!! Do you hear me? You shall Testify! Goodness and mercy follow you in all the days of your life, you shall dwell in the presence of the Lord forever!

Thank you for supporting me on this Journey, May God bless you abundantly in return!

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