“Once I discovered these jewels, I am eager to tell everyone about it” 

Lena  grew up in a Christian home, but she hasn’t always lived the faith. As a child she had a relationship with Jesus, but as she got older, that relationship slowly dissipated into thin air, then embraced, once again, in her adult years.
Her family lived a simple lifestyle, and had a humble beginning. She grew up in UKRAINE, and had seen the poverty, and the oppression of her people, with her eyes. She has developed a heart for the less fortunate, and her heart beats strong for the simpletons.
She was loved, and cherished, but there were dark secrets, lurking in her Destiny. She has made some terrible mistakes, and walked away from God, later to be faced with the consequences of her choices, and generational curses. But that didn’t stop her, but only pushed her to PRESS in harder.
Life wasn’t always fair, but she learned to be content it. She kept a positive attitude, and pressed through the struggles, with a smile on her face. Born to be a fighter, she fought hard for her destiny, and has broken the strongholds on her life, and the chains of darkness, of her loved-ones.
But even then God, kept his hand over her. He shielded her, when the enemy tried to take her life, twice. He carried her, when she was broken, and lost. He provided for her, and has covered her, by keeping her safe, and secure in his arms.
She was purpose in the making, to be a vessel of God’s GLORY. Every layer of imperfection, is an opportunity to reflect God’s GLORY. God is making a TESTIMONY out of her struggles. 
2008 was a YEAR she’ll never forget! It was a YEAR that she walked through FIRE, but even in the FIRE, her clothes did not get burned.
What the enemy used to bring her down, God used to lift her up. 
She is now stronger than ever, because of her struggles. She isn’t afraid to fail, because she knows success, is on the other side of that. She isn’t afraid to step out, because she knows, faith will carry her on his wings. She isn’t afraid of battles, because she knows she’s an OVER-COMER.
It is through personal encounter in 2009, that Lena is moved by what she does. Searching for TRUTH, she has found THE TRUTH, looking for a way out, THE WAY showed up, and lead her out of her darkness.
 Lena is inspired by a DREAM she received in 2015, but she hasn’t quite moved into ACTION, until it was her time, to step into her Destiny. Born for such a TIME as this, she was conceived to be an intercessor, warrior, and igniter, for this generation.
All the Skeletons came out, and tried to silence her.
Upon discovering TRUTH Lena wasn’t ready for TRUTH. She ran and hid, until GOD once again, STEPPED IN, and motivated her to ACTION.
It wasn’t until 2016 that Lena understood the purpose of her calling. God called her to step out, through her dream, with an assignment. She prayed, and without experience, followed to build upon FAITH.
LENA is PURPOSEFULLY DRIVEN, by the FIRE within, with an assignment in her hand, to deliver to the nations. She is fierce, un-bothered, and driven to accomplish her task.
She has mentored, trained, and taught individuals, all over the world, to become their potential selves, through what the Lord taught her, in private. She has ignited hearts, to live for Jesus, putting 100% in, and to live out their PURPOSE. She encourages believers to pick up their assignments, step into PURPOSE, and FIGHT  for their Destiny, by FAITH.
In 2018 Lena, felt to expand her ministry, into Cyber Space. She prayed, and catapulted fiercely into her DESTINY.
Summer of  2018 was BORN, and it is flourishing before her eyes.
Many are ignited through Table of Delight, to pursue their calling, through the FIRE within. The Delights that Lena receives in her private room, with the father, is shared with the world.
She has passion to feed, and care for the less fortunate. She loves to serve in the KINGDOM, lifting souls out of darkness, and shine a light of hope into their dark world.
She shares her Story, and through it all, she shines GOD’S Glory! !
The good, the bad, beautiful, and the ugly…
COME AND DELIGHT YOUR SOUL, and be ignited, through CYBER SPACE.
HE IS AN OMNIPRESENT GOD, and cannot be put in a BOX of normality. Just look, and see, how GOD transformed so many, and continues to ignite hearts, to be on FIRE for GOD, through Firestarter Cyber Ministries.

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